Ict - The Bully Buster Challenge


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Ict - The Bully Buster Challenge

  1. 1. Are you ready to take on a challenge? If so click Yes
  2. 2. It is 2011 and the challenge is on! Thereare bullies in the school and we need tobust the bully out of them by doingsomething about it. Your challenge is toanswer all questions as best as possibleso that you are prepared to deal withbullies and do the right thing!
  3. 3. Choose the best response to eachquestion about dealing with bullies. Ifyou get the answer correct it will takeyou to the next question.
  4. 4. A. Tell a close friend, teacher or parentB. Do what the bullies want and hope it stopsC. Try and fight back?
  5. 5. A. Talk back to the person- it might just bea jokeB. Pass the person on to one of yourfriendsC. Report it using the report button
  6. 6. A. You’re not a alone, kids get bullied allthe timeB. Help is out there, you can get the supportyou need by regularly talking to parents,teachers and counsellors.C. Both A & B
  7. 7. A. Teasing, hitting and taking someone else’sbelongingsB. Ignoring people and making them feel leftoutC. Both A & B
  8. 8. A. Start a “student safety group” where studentscan talk about bullying with the schoolcounsellor.B. Both A & CC. Create a “bully box” where students candrop in anonymous notes about bullyingincidents.
  9. 9. A. Offer to go with them to talk to a parent,teacher or counsellorB. Respect their wishes. They will deal with it ontheir own.C. Challenge the bully to a fight
  10. 10. A. Make their friends like them more than youB. Prove to they are better than youC. Make you feel upset and that they havepower over you
  11. 11. A. Don’t ask him to give it back and pretend thatyou don’t care about your marbles anywayB. Tell the nearest teacher or school staff aboutwhat just happened, so they can make the childgive back your marbles.C. Go take someone else’s marbles, so you’renot the only one feeling this way
  12. 12. A. Take matters into your own handsB. Write a journal entry/ letter to express yourfeelingsC. Hope that something will happen so thatsomeone can finally do something about it.
  13. 13. A. Someone who feels good when they knowthey hurt peopleB. Someone who uses their strength andpopularity to get their own wayC. Both A & B
  14. 14. A. Kids who are shy and quiet and don’t haveany/many friendsB. Both A & CC. Kids from different ethnic backgrounds tothe bully
  15. 15. You have completed the challenge by taking “The Bully Buster Quiz”! Now it is time to write in your daily journal. You need to express how you feel this challenge quiz has helped youthink about ways to deal with bullies and prevent bullying.
  16. 16. This best answer is A.The best solution to any bullying, would be to tell a closefriend, parent or teacher. This will make you feel betterand also get the support you need to put an end tobullying.
  17. 17. The best answer is C.The most appropriate thing to do if you receive a nastymessage on msn, would be to report it using the reportbutton and tell an adult.
  18. 18. The best answer is C.It is important to know that you are not alone and thathelp is out there for you. The better you feel aboutyourself, the better you’ll be able to deal with the bulliesand put a stop to it.
  19. 19. The best answer is CAlthough a lot of bullying is physical, sometimes a bullycan make people feel even worse by making them feelleft out.
  20. 20. The best answer is B.If your school doesn’t have these great suggestions, thenyou could be the person who busts the bully andprevents bullying. Bully boxes and student groups are agreat way to deal with bullying incidents.
  21. 21. The best answer is A. It is better to do all that you can to help the victim beingbullying by talking to an adult, instead of taking mattersinto your own hands.
  22. 22. The best answer is B.Bullies hurt people and feel the need to prove tothemselves that they are better than you. This shows thatbullies are actually insecure about themselves. Everyoneis equal and should not feel this way.
  23. 23. The correct answer is B.When someone takes your belongings, it is stealing. Thebest solution would be to tell a teacher, because stealingis unacceptable.
  24. 24. The best answer is B.Sometimes writing down how you feel is an easier way toexpress the way you are feeling about a situation andmakes it less scary to speak to an adult.
  25. 25. The best answer is C.Bullies usually use their popularity and strength to hurtpeople and make themselves feel good.
  26. 26. The best answer is B.Bullies like to single out anyone who looks “different”and seem as though they wont defend themselves bydoing the right thing.