Reducing expencesglobalenterpriseseffectivenessimprovementconsulting


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Reducing expencesglobalenterpriseseffectivenessimprovementconsulting

  1. 1. 2010
  2. 2. ••••
  3. 3. Ask the Expert
  4. 4. Disclosure Committee
  5. 5. Proved Benefits & Results._________________________ in World Practices. Renault– Nissan, Int. Airlines
  6. 6. We model the business process. To identify your working situation and collaboration schemes To ensure that your workspace will reflect your business process To analyze the enterprise structure To federate your team around the common working workspace and process To implement the workspace with the build in automatic workflows.
  7. 7. Delivery Time to Market
  8. 8. Promoting New Way of Global Work. New Global Thinking New Global Way of Work Web Remote Mutual Web Expert’s User Friendly Employee LearningWorkspaces Work Knowledge Environment (No Distance) Sharing Increase customer satisfaction