Evaluation 6


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Evaluation 6

  1. 1. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. Equipment: This is a high quality digital camera which can not only take amazingCanon EOS DSLR Camera! quality photos, but can also shoot good quality videos. Using this camera, I learnt how to film a high quality film unprofessionally but to a great standard. It was also easy to upload footage from the camera onto the computer. I also learnt how to change the settings on a camera and how to work the video setting. There was only one downfall again, and this was when the camera tried to focus it would make a loud noise which may have accidentally got into our thriller.
  3. 3. Equipment: Tripods are used to keep the camera still when filming. This was veryTripod and Dolly practical when it came to panning shots as it stopped any shaking. It also allowed us to achieve different shots at different angles and heights steadily. The dolly was a new piece of equipment that not many other groups used as it took a while to assemble. This was great to create an effective travelling shot which looked professional and smooth.
  4. 4. Equipment: The lighting equipment was one of the necessities to truly create a sinisterLighting! feel towards our thriller. Using it during the cuts of Tom really helped to create the tone and mood to our thriller. It was difficult at first to work this equipment and get the right speeds of the flashing. But we managed to work through this successfully.
  5. 5. Equipment: We used these regularly to research, plan, edit and updateApple imac computer! things onto our blogs. This was a vital piece of equipment as the software was better than any other computer and allowed us to create and edit our thrillers effectively. The only downfall of this was that to edit our thriller we could only use one computer, this was because the editing could only be saved onto the computer itself rather than one of our accounts.
  6. 6. Software: We used imovie to edit our thriller opening.iMovie! Using this technology I learnt how to import and export videos. I also learnt how to add sounds, transitions and text. I learnt how to crop clips to ensure our thriller ran smoothly. Slowing down clips and speeding them up is another skill I learnt. iMovie was an effective technology as it saved the work as we went along. The only downfall (as stated earlier) is that it would only save work onto the mac we were working on and so it was essential we only worked on one mac.
  7. 7. Software: Blogger is the platform we used to construct our product, we uploadedBlogger! all of our research, planning and evaluations onto this site as an effective way for others to view. This blogging site helped me to construct interesting blog posts, embed YouTube videos and upload prezzie presentations & slideshare presentations. This technology taught me new ways to present and display information in an interesting way.
  8. 8. Software: We used YouTube to upload and display our film.YouTube! I learnt firstly how to actually upload videos to other platforms. I also learnt how to add tags and notes using the annotation tool for a previous evaluation.