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Facilitator’s Profile:                        Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed is                        working for HANDS (Health...
Introduction of HANDS                                       3.        Negotiation/Compromising - Through the            Re...
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Training of HANDS ICD on Leadership young generation


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Training of HANDS ICD on Leadership young generation

  1. 1. Facilitator’s Profile: Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed is working for HANDS (Health And Nutrition Development Society) as a Chief Executive. HANDS is one of the largest NGOS of Pakistan. He is Renowned Pakistani development activist and socialscientist credited for pioneering health, education andpoverty alleviation services initiatives in the remotest areasof Pakistan. He has promoted community empowermentbased rural development initiatives in Pakistan. His Two days training onparticular contribution is the establishment of HANDSInstitute of Community Development as a subsidiaryinstitution of HANDS. He is a medical graduate, holding LEADERSHIPMaster’s in Public Health. He has done his fellowship fromPublic Health Institute Santa Cruz California USA. His FOR THEunique experience of working as Public Health professionaland Development specialist is spread in a canvas of twentyyears, during this period he has been working with a donoragency (USAIDS), Public sectorDepartment-Government of Sindh) and a National Non (Health FUTURE GENERATIONGovernmental Organization (HANDS). His distinctive jobposition has exposed him to enormous understanding ofgrass roots realities and the National & Internationalpolicies forum. His 20 years of consistent leadership ofHANDS has developed a fascinating integrateddevelopment model. HANDS is registered, tax exempted,PCP Certified and European Union accredited Not forProfit Organization working wince 1979 with keyprograms, health, education, poverty alleviation and crosscutting programs of Social Mobilization, Gender, Human& Institutional Development, Disaster management,Information & Communication, Monitoring Evaluationand Research, Resource Mobilization, Infrastructure andshelter and Social marketing. HANDS is benefiting morethan 14 million population of 16703 villages in 24 Districtsof Pakistan. More than 25 papers are on his credentials,presented in international conferences, held in differentcountries. He is also the writer of 23 publications onDevelopment & Public health issues. This leadershipcourse is an innovative training module particularly HANDS Insititute of Community Development Organized By: HANDS- Institute of Community Developmentdesigned for future generation leaders. 140-C Block II, PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan Tel: 021-34532804, 021-34527698, Fax: 021-34559252 Email: , Website:
  2. 2. Introduction of HANDS 3. Negotiation/Compromising - Through the Registration Information process of working in teams, kids learn the art of give and take. Compromising in certain areas to ensure the Fax or Telephone. task is complete, yet all parties walk away pleased with HANDS-ICD the outcome, is a leadership skill for future generation to master. 4. Planning/Strategic - Taking time for futuredistricts HANDS-ICD of Pakistan and generation to plan a strategy is a great way to empowerHANDS-Institute of Community Development is the them and to build their self-esteemlargest capacity building network of Pakistan in social 5. Vision - A child who can see their outcomedevelopment sector , making a great effort toward clearly is more likely to achieve their vision.human and institutional development at thecommunity and grassroots level for reducing poverty 6. Persistence/Determination - Provide yourand promoting sustainable development, which focus child with a strong foundation of personal pride. Futureto design and implement institutional strengthening generation are too often coddled when they shouldand capacity building training for community leaders, instead be encouraged to pick themselves up andactivists, doctors, academicians, teachers, “shake it off”professionals, government officials, students and its Objectivesstaff to provide a resource for community leaders,volunteers, citizens and future generation who desire Understanding good leadership behaviours Conditionsto make their community a better place to live. Leading by example The whole training is at own risk.Overview of Leadership Development Knowing about commitment and how to move things Once the nomination is finally accepted by you thisfor Future Generation forward would be considered final confirmation. However, Rs.Its important to make your child aware of the fact that Assess status of leadership skills 5000 will be recovered in advance which the amount isnot everything is simply black and white - that there are Plan to improve leadership habits non refundable (either nominee would join or not).many shades of grey, different point of view that Set vision of lifeshould always be considered. must realize that each Grow as leaders to further understand their capacity assituation they face should not necessarily be summed leading personup as right or wrong. Future generation need to learn to Polishing communication skillsappreciate some circumstances as just different that Improving confidence and innovation Training Venuewhat they are used to, and because its different, they Practicing leadership skills in life HANDS ICD Karachishould strive to understand it and potentially learnfrom it. Let’s train now six more top leadership skills Training Methodology Course Fees:to our future generation through this training. Method of Instruction Include Group Work , 5,000 fees per participant ( Do apply upto 15 dec and get 10% discount)1. Communication - Encouraging children to Individual work, Pair work, Presentations, Role play,effectively communicate with others is a critical part of Lecture, Demonstration, Discussion, Physical Contact Persontheir leadership development excercise and adventure2. Collaborate/Teamwork - Working well withothers is another highly important skill for Future Who would be the participant?generation. Becoming more accomplished as a team inless time, rather than simply going it alone, is a key 9-14 years.learning for future generation. Email: