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  1. 1. PowerPoint by: Durwood Moore Book by: Christopher Paolini
  2. 2.  Christopher PaoliniAbout the AuthorChristopher Paolini lives inMontana, where he gets hisideas for his great naturescenes. He graduated highschool at the age of 15 andstarted writing. He nowhas four books in his series.Book I- EragonBook II- EldestBook III- BrisingrBook IV- Inheritance
  3. 3. THE EMPIRE THE VARDEN King Galbatorix  Eragon
  4. 4.  The Stone The BeginningIn the beginning of thestory, Eragon is huntingin the mysteriousmountain range calledThe Spine when, in aseries of bright flashinglights, a bright blue stonelands next to him.
  5. 5.  The ChoosingThe Dragon RidersThe Dragon Riders are agroup of powerfulwarriors that helpensure the peace andhealth of the countrycalled Alagaesia. Manytimes throughout theyears, children of allages are ushered to thehold of the dragon eggsand encouraged to touchthe eggs. The Riders dothis so that the dragonswithin the eggs canchoose their Rider.
  6. 6. King Galbatorix was once aDragon Rider that sought great power.While in a epic battle, Galbatorix losthis dragon. Galbatorix pleaded withthe elders of the Riders to get a newdragon. They denied his request. Whatcame next became know as The Fall ofThe Dragon Riders. Galbatorix stole adragon egg and forced it to hatch forhim with dark magic. He thenrecruited some of his fellow youngRiders to his cause. Next, he slew manyRiders in order to get his revenge.After destroying all of the dragons andtheir Riders, Galbatorix took control ofall of Alagaesia; and thus, The Fall ofThe Dragon Riders.
  7. 7. After learning of the great power and glory of TheDragon Riders from a storyteller named Brom,Eragon embarks on a life threatening journey tomeet with mysterious Varden.
  8. 8. The blue line shows part of Eragon’s journey in becoming a Rider.
  9. 9. After traveling all the way across the wide country of Alagaesia,Eragon finally reaches the mysterious Varden. But will Eragon find the refuge he sought out in his time of greatest need?