Battleship Marketing


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Battleship Marketing

  1. 1. BattleshipBy Rashedul Bari
  2. 2. Battleship is a 2012 sci-fi naval war film based around the popular children’s game. The film grossed $58 million in its first week overseas and has yet to be released in America (May 18th 2012). Critics have given the film mixed reviews. The film has been vastly marketed across all types of media platforms. They used stars, games etc. to market the film and make it stand out.
  3. 3. TrailersFilm trailers are basically videos that show off everything good about the movie (CGI, set pieces, genre etc.) They are made to entice the audience and force them to watch by showing off these attributes of the film. They are made for potential fans of the film or fans of the genre (sci-fi, action). They work by not giving away the full story but giving the audience an idea of what the film is about to tell then what they are seeing. As the film has been marketed widely, we can see them on TV called ‘TV spots’ which last for about 30 seconds to again show off the film’s USP. We can see them on YouTube, which is deemed most popular and will get millions of views and the trailer also lasts longer than on TV (more than 2 minutes), so this gives the audience even more of an idea of what kind of film this is. The first official trailer was released in July 2011 (almost a year before the film releases) to get a buzz going and get people talking, the second trailer was released in December of 2011 (5 months before the film) this heightened the buzz of the film even more and the marketing gained some heat and the third trailer was released at the end of March, 2 or 3 weeks before the film released and this was the final showing of what the film has to offer and force the audience to go see it.
  4. 4. Casting RihannaThe reason is a good choice is because of how big a star she actually is, she has sold millions of albums worldwide and is considered a sex symbol all around the world, this will especially encourage the men to go see the film simply because Rihanna stars in it. This will also bode well to entice Rihanna’s music fans to go see the film as her die hard fans (who love her) will want to see their star in this film.
  5. 5. Poster campaignThe market the film further, the film had a poster campaign that created a continuity between each poster, which read, “the battle for earth begins at sea”. This tagline was on every poster to create continuity and to tell the consumers that it is the same movie. Each poster has a star on it to make most of the star cast they have, the posters with individual stars on them will appeal to their fans and persuade them to watch the film.
  6. 6. Social NetworkingThe film marketing also used social networking to market their, a major social network used was Facebook where Battleship had its own game on it, there can also be fan pages for the film, marketing the film further as millions of people are on facebook and will hear of the film and go to watch the trailer to see if they like it or not. Making a facebook game will be really popular as teens might play it and then go to watch the film. Another great aspect of the game is it is online and lets you play with your friends. The is cleverly designed to hook the consumer in and persuade them to watch the film.
  7. 7. Video game tie-inAnother clever aspect of the marketing is the video game tie-in they have created as well for home game consoles. This will hook the consumer in further as if they play the game and like, they will likely to go watch the film at the cinemas with their friends. The game’s story will most likely to be based around the film and give player’s an idea of what the film will be like. Also army-shooter games are very popular these days amongst gamers, as games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are very popular, so they might like this game.
  8. 8. Magazine publicityThey have also used film magazines to publicize the film and give readers an insight into the film and give them an idea of what the narrative will be like and if the film will entice them or not. Film magazines are very popular as they are mainstream and many people read them, so readers will hear of the film and get an idea of what the film is about.
  9. 9. ConclusionIn conclusion, the film uses all types on the media platform to market the film (stars, poster campaigns, social networks, video game tie-in magazine publicity). They all signify the genre of the film as sci-fi as the posters have in the background spaceships and then the stars are carrying guns to signify that this is sci-fi action film. The facebook game and video game will further cement the genre as it will have a short intro on what it is about (navy, aliens). The magazine and trailers will give a clear idea of what the film is about as the magazine will have a short synopsis of what is going on in the film and the trailer just gives clues of what the narrative is about and shows off its action in the film.