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Nabhiraijain cdac


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Resume for Hr,Team Lead and recuters.

Published in: Engineering
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Nabhiraijain cdac

  1. 1. Nabhirai Jain 08237491857 C-101 Sayali Garden Nagras Road ,Near Dominos Pune-411007 Objective : To achieve professional satisfaction,careerprogressionandpersonal developmentby workingina learningenvironmentthatencouragesgrowthandenrichesmyexperience. Summary: I am B.E-2011(Computer Science) Graduate. C-DAC(DAC) adepartmentunderMinistryof InformationandtechnologyatSunbeamInstituteof technology. Alwaysbelieve ingivingmore than100% for the completionof task. Valuedteamplayer,able tomultitasktowardsthe deadline. Believe inteamworkingaseveryindividual hasdifferenteducationalbackground, experienceshelptosolve the problemfrom differentperspectives. Education: C-DAC a Full time PG -DAC course from Sunbeam Institute of technology Gultekdi MarketYard Pune Two years in preparation for the U.P.S.C 14 Aug2012-30March 2014 completion ofC-DAC(DAC)-14Feb2012-28July2012 completion ofPre-DAC-1Oct2011-8Dec2011 completion,2011 Academic Record: B.Tech 2011 Walchand Institue to (C.S.E) technology(Solapur University F ormally 61.02% affiliated to Shivaji University) 12 th 2006 Lord Mahavira Academy 62.00% CBSE Board 10th 2004 Lord Mahavira Academy CBSE Board 69.00%
  2. 2. Experience : Pakocommunications Private Limited. (10April 2014-30March2015) Workingon governmentJnNURMproject. DealsinIndustrial Computer,Embedded computerandpanel pc. Testingandassemblingof varioushardware components. Generatingthe diagnosisreportof all the hardware componentsthroughthe BurnIn test. Testingthe integratedSystem,chekingall componentsare properlyworkingwiththe clientapplication. Assemblingthe IP^65box andBlack Box RMA: Findingandcorrectingthe loopholesinthe returnedmaterial Internship :28May 2010-4 July 2010 OCB 283 DIGITAL ELECTRONIC EXCHANGE . 1:) Exchange Functional Architecture 2:). System Architecture -SubscriberAccessUnits(CSNL,CSND,CSED) -Trunksand JunctionConnectionUnits(SMT) -SwitchingNetwork -AuxiliaryEquipments(SMA) -Control Units( SMC ) -CommunicationMultiplexes(MIS& MAS Tokenrings) -Operation&Maintenance Unit( SMM) -Time Base Generator(STS) 3)Exchange Configuration 4)Power Distribution 5)Subscriber Facilities 6)Token rings 7). Local Call Processing 8)Maintenance Routine for OCB 283
  3. 3. .
  4. 4. Projects Done : 1) Document Cleaning and Binarization (July 15 2010 –March2011) Project Guide : M/s Rashmi Dixit It isusedto cleanthe artificial historical documents.Majorproblem facedby the documentsincludingdegradationof page,seeking ink,occurance of strainsUnseenilluminations.Thedrivingforce behind thisprojectisto preventall these preservationsandtoretainthe original formof the documenttobe stored. Idea: The documentbinarizationisapreprocessingtaskit automaticallyconvertsthe documentimagesinabi -level formin such waythat the foregroundInformationisrepresentedbyblack pixelsandthe ‘0’or‘1’ Language used:Java Platformused:Windows7. Front End:Awt,Swing. Role:Team Leader 2:))Yellow Pages (1 July 2012 to 28July ,2012) Project Guide -: Mr Rahul kale It isa Publicwebsite with3-tierarchitecture ,databaseprovidesanalphabetical listingof businesses(includinghospitals,Wooderncarvingshops,Restaurants,Government buildings....) Withspecificgeographical area..FordataOwnerof the shops,businessmans shouldregisteredthemselves.Withauserclickprovide all the necessaryinformationrequired at a glance Motive isto provide vastamountof useful informationatone place. Software’susedOracle11g,Tomcat,vs10 Front Middle Level language:C#. Back end:Oracle11g. Platform:.Net4.0 Software’sused:Microsoftvs10. Role:TeamLeader
  5. 5. Technical Skill Set: Languages: C, BorlandC++,Core Java,C#4.0,ASP.NET HTML5,CSS3, JavaScript, XML Data Structures. Frameworks: Servlet,JSP,Hibernate3.1.EJB3.x,Struts1.0 Databases: Oracle11g,MySQL OperatingSystems: WindowsNT/2000, Server2003/XP & DOS/Win7/Unix/. Software’sUsed: MicrosoftVisualStudio10,Eclipse,Dreamviewer,NetBeans Tomcat, JBoss. Others: MicrosoftWord 2010,Microsoft Excel 2010,Microsoft PowerPoint 2010,ExcellentProblemSolvingskills,Analytical Skills,Leadership skills,andquicklearner. Areas of Interest 1)Win32(For developing windows applications 3.0 i.e. windows 3.0 a 32 bit Operating System.) Developing rich UI based applications. 2)DLL 3)COM (Component object Model) To develop Multilanguage project under one roof.. Provide accessibility to include functionalities in applications not possible through.NET. For developing the windows default applications i.e. internet explorer, windows explorer, windows paint. Support interoperability ; To call the API developed in C/C++ into client application developed in other language .Net/JAVA.(increases the flow of modularity). 4)SDK(Software development kit) Prerequisite to develop any application on windows ,android and IOS operating System 5)WinRT(Windows Runtime ) -->UNIX Operating System. --->Assembly Language(NASM+GAS+Linux)
  6. 6. Co-Curricular activities: 1: Be a finalistininnovative EntrepreneurshipChallenge aNational level Entrepreneurship Competition. 2:Participatedin“C Contest”inWIT-09 a National level TechnicalSymposiumheld at Walchand Institute of Technology,Solapur. 3. Participatedin“C-ZAR”aNational Level Technical EventatVidyarthi GrihaPune. 4. ParticipatedinEssayCompetition –AIDS/HIV conductedbyHealthtoAll OrganizationBhalki(Dist Bidar) . EXTRA –CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 1;Vocational traininginSwati Automobilesasa MechanicinSaharanpur. 2:Hardware Course ingovernmentpolytechnique inSolapur. 3:TraininginM.T.N.L NewDelhi. 4:A memberof teamrepresentingthe collegeinUthinsynch2008 Final. 5:ParticipatedinDebate competitionorganizedbyC.I.S.A(CSEandIT students association. 6: Co-ordinatedthe innovative entrepreneurshipchallenge 2009 a National Level EntrepreneurshipCompetition. 7: Workedas Headof CISA (ComputerScience and InformationTechnology Student’sAssociation) forS.E(C.S.E). 8:Active memberof NSS.
  7. 7. Technical Achievements : Core java Score:62/35733 January 2013 Advance Java Score:1/9372 January 2013 Cplus+ Score: 51/16274 CSharp Score:57/8099 January 2013 Score:103/17640 HTml Score:211/16924 January 2013 WCF Score:3/506 January 2013 OOps Score:15/1721 January 2013 C Score:147/15141 January 2013 Score: 39/736 youth4work PL/SQL Score:20/1729 January 2013 javascript Score:44/8823 January 2014
  8. 8. Hobbies Listening Music, Watching movies, Reading a lot, 1:Think and Grow Rich(Napolean Hill) 2:How to Use your mind(Harry . D. kid son) 3:The Secret(Rhonda Byrne) 4:Secret the Magic(Rhonda Byrne). 5:Mein Kampf(Autobiography of Adolf Hitler). 6; How to get From where u are to where u want to be(Jack Canfield). 7:How to think like Leonardo the Vinci.(Michael .J Gelb) 8;Men are From Mars women are from Venus(John Gray). 10:Power of Your subconscious mind( Dr Joseph Murphy). 11:Communication a tool 4 Big success in relationships(LEIL LEINDES). 12;Harward Business Review on leadership. 13;Monk who sold his Ferrari(Robin Sharma) PERSONAL DETAILS Name :Nabhirai Jain Date of Birth : 13 September, 1986 Gender : Male Nationality :Indian LanguageKnown: English,Hindi,Marathi I hereby certify that all the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge. Nabhirai jain