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Naaptol Online shopping in india


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Naaptol Online shopping in india

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Naaptol Online shopping in india

  1. 1. Online Shopping in India The moment we think of shopping, we tend to visualize about markets, malls and shops surrounded by a lot of people shopping for everything they desire. But today with the growth of the online media and Internet in India the Picture of Shopping has changed a lot. We now call it Online Shopping. Online Shopping has changed the means of shopping in India. It has shaped out to be a trend in the market. Online shopping is more luxurious and fun to do as everything is available on a single click. People can buy anything to everything using their Internet today. One after the other many Online shopping websites have come up today with all different and innovative ideas. It’s no more about risking money online as all these online shopping portals provide cash on delivery facility, which makes it more comfortable for the consumers to shop online. Online shopping has grown vastly in India, name the product and you will find it online. From Apparel to shoes, from beds to curtains and even electronics are available online on cheaper deals. The best feature that online shopping has provided is that the consumers can easily compare two or more products before they can make up their mind to buy one. Also through this mode of shopping the customers get to know about more and more brands available in the market. Online websites like, and have their own forte in providing the best deals on products and services all over India, which is very much in demand. People generally tend to get attracted towards such discounts that are easily available on minimal prices online. Also there are product specific websites like that only specializes in footwear, these type of websites are also very much in demand for specific customers. Online shopping in India has changed the meaning of Window shopping now there is no need to window shop when you can view everything in detail with just one click. With growing awareness and education people are now getting more familiar with such Online shopping portals. These Online shopping portals in the past have provided a huge platform to new brands that enter the competitive market. A brand like FILA which got diminished in the past has made a comeback through these online portals and is quiet familiar with the people these days. FILA has generated good sales without any outlets or stores in Delhi at the initial stages, only through these online shopping portals. This has resulted with a boom in the online shopping industry and also there portals have come up with a new and trendsetting idea. The future of Online shopping in India looks bright with the current success and popularity it is getting all over. This may result in the future of shopping in India and maybe all over world.