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Caga tio. naomi ballesteros


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This is my powerpoint abor celebration of my ancestors.

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Caga tio. naomi ballesteros

  1. 1. The guy is a celebrationshits typicalin Cataloniaand theterritoriesof Aragon
  2. 2.  The day begins December 8 to feed the shit guy every night and usually cover with a blanket to get cold at night. Is fed until Christmas Eve, and then the uncle, beaten with sticks by children, "shit out" gifts for children.
  3. 3.  A log which, when burned, gave precious goods such as heat and light, and symbolically offered to present the house: candy, wafers, nougat. We can still find, in the villages, houses in which the "uncle" is a large trunk which is set to burn in the fire of earth a few days before Christmas. From this primitive form "Uncle" evolves: "Uncle" is a magical trunk one day closer to Christmas Eve, December 24, comes home knocking on the door. Anyone at home opens and you have to take care, cover her with a blanket to get cold and feed to the 24 at night time when "the shit man." Subsequently, as in the cities people had it harder to buy a trunk, and because all you can do business, began to sell "tions". All are sold more or less the same: they usually wear a beret, with a smiling face and very often also two front legs. Originally, none were the same because it was just a large log to an adult to paint a face as I wanted.
  4. 4. shit dudealmonds and nougatnot screw up herringthat are too saltyshits nougatthat are more goodshits tióalmonds and nougatif you want shitIll give you a stroke of caneShit man!
  5. 5.  Heat milk with cinnamon 1 liter of milk and lemon rind 4 egg yolks  Beat the yolks with the 2 tablespoons sugar and cornstarch cornstarch  Pour the milk over the Cinnamon yolks while bats lemon peel  Put the mixture into the 200 g. sugar fire, without boiling, until thickened  distribute it in clay pots and let it cool. Put a layer of sugar and burn it with a shovel