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piattaforma integrata (web/mobile) per compilare le tue spedizioni nella maniera più facile e veloce. Assicurandoti le tariffe più basse del mercato.

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  1. 1. kouryerTHE SMART DELIVERY
  2. 2. Shipments today Local Couriers Big Companies 91 Times 100 Shipments 9 Times
  3. 3. Problems Local Couriers Big Companies Big companies issues Small companies issues High prices Unhandy Interfaces No customization High Competition Poor Reliability No mobile platforms
  4. 4. Web & mobile platform Easy forms Solution Local Couriers Big Companies PurposeFeatures High Customization Increase Shipments Best Price on market Route optimization
  5. 5. € 225bn € 315mln TAM SAM SOM € 10mln Market High Competition Market loss due to inefficiency Reliability Worldwide Italian Market 48 months target Local courier services
  7. 7. We make your shipment cheap, smart and reliable We make your shipment cheap, smart and reliable Mission
  8. 8. You send delivery request onbeyak in steps We send the couriers Your customer tracks & communicates with couriers in real time through us 3 1 2 3
  9. 9. How do we get the best price on market? Traditional courier BRT BRT onbeyak €€ € €
  10. 10. k Revenue model 30% € Courier rate Fee Final price
  11. 11. Mirko Biondi - Project Manager Ingegnere civile ambientale Socio e Coordinatore per la progettazione @ Aqua Consult S.r.l. - @mikbio85 CEO COO CFO Gianluigi Barbato - Creative Director Imprenditore Marketing Director @ Selar System - @glb_27 Marco Valerio Izzo - Financial Controller Laureato in Business Administration Investment Analyst @Tech-Hub & Startup consultant - @mark_izz PARTNERS: Fimm s.r.l. is a billing & delivery company operating in Italy, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasile, Colombia, Ecuador. Team -
  12. 12. P. BETA IDEA RELEASE 2.0 Roadmap 3 6 129 18 App iOs & Android Private testing Rome Marketing SEO SMA Partnerships Milan Naples Venice 1k DELIVERIES 4k DELIVERIES 10k DELIVERIES
  13. 13. Mktg 40% Personnel 20% IT 15% G&A 25% REVENUES EBITDA 2015 2016 2017 2018 €3.8K €346K €3.015K €10.150K (€47k) (€241k) €53k €2.026k Financial Requirement Financial € 350 K Requirement
  14. 14. Twitter @getKouryer Facebook Kouryer Website E-mail Thank You!