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Open Data - The Big Questions


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Presentatoin at ALGIM GIS Symposium April 2016, talking about the New Zealand policy setting for open data and the intent. Including some stories and about data being put to use and where the policy has had a specific impact.

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Open Data - The Big Questions

  1. 1. Government policy and intent – open data and information Open Government Information and Data Programme (ALGIM 12 April 2016)
  2. 2. Government policy and intentions…
  3. 3. What is “open data”? “Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share.” (Open Data Institute For NZ Government… • licensed for legal re-use (NZGOAL) • Non-proprietary and machine-readable format
  4. 4. Foundations for Open Government Data and Information
  5. 5. NZ Government Open Access and Licensing (NZGOAL) Framework Guidance to publicly funded agencies on how to apply Creative Commons licences to information data and content, published digitally or in hardcopy.  Copyright = ownership  Licence = permissions to re-use (assigned by the copyright owner)
  6. 6. NZ Data and Information Management Principles, 2011
  7. 7. International Open Data Charter
  8. 8.
  9. 9. NZ Declaration on Open and Transparent Government, 2011 Government direction to government agencies to proactively release all: • publicly funded data • non-personal and unclassified • high potential value for re-use • managed according to the Principles • licensed for re-use (NZGOAL) • published on
  10. 10. Resources Toolkit for Local Government government/toolkit-for-local-government/ OpenDataNZ Youtube Channel g7FGW5EK6Tkg What else???
  11. 11. Open by design, open by default…
  12. 12. Open by Design  Embed open data output as a requirement of all new systems  Incorporate open data output into processes/publishing  Require quality data as part of any new contracts for services – that can be released as open data
  13. 13. Open by Design Open by design = closed by design (Different mind sets, but really just 2 sides of the same coin)
  14. 14. For social and economic benefit For transparency and accountability Blah, blah, blah… but what does that really mean? Why??...
  15. 15. Examples of re-use – Tides data…
  16. 16. Property…
  17. 17. NZ Schools App
  18. 18. Mogeo - Campermate
  19. 19. Mogeo – MarineMate
  20. 20. ThunderMaps
  21. 21. ANZ – Truckometer (Don’t second-guess what the data can be used for…)
  22. 22. The Forward Works Viewer
  23. 23. Advocacy
  24. 24. NZ Herald @polemic @fogonwater
  25. 25. Using open data to inform Manuka Tutu
  26. 26. What data do customers want from local government?...
  27. 27. Data wanted • Consent applications • property valuations • River flows (stage height and cumecs), at granular intervals (e.g. 15 mins, not 12 hrs) • Water quality of rivers, lakes, estuaries, beaches • Rubbish collection schedules etc.
  28. 28. Data wanted • Civic facilities - location & opening times – e.g. toilets, libraries, service centres, swimming pools, dog parks, etc. • What's on, esp. in iCal or formats • transport timetables, infrastructure location, real-time status, occupancy for bus, train and ferries;
  29. 29. Data wanted • Council contracting data such as roadwork locations, refuse collection schedules, traffic light status; • road marking and signage locations; • Council car parking sign and sensor data; • status and location of mobile libraries • Earthquake prone buildings
  30. 30. Complementary data from the private sector • utility company infrastructure (location of lines, pipes, meters etc.) • status and location of mobile resources such as couriers, taxis, Mr Whippy vans etc. • airline flight times and status • movie theatre occupancy • Port activity
  31. 31. Contact Email: Twitter: @opendatanz #opendatanz Open Government Data Programme: initiatives/open-and-transparent-government Case Studies: resources/case-studies/open-data