The Future of the Cloud


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Presented on April 3, 2012 by Charlie Babcock, Editor-at-Large, InformationWeek at "Management Strategies for Cloud Computing." Event was held at the New York Institute of Technology and organized by the New York Technology Council (NYTECH).

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The Future of the Cloud

  1. 1. T he Futur e of theTCloud  York Technology Council New Charles Babcock Editor at Large, InformationWeek Author Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution
  2. 2. 2008-09: The Cloud under fire“It’s just water vapor…”“It’s just another name for the Internet…”“an obsession of Sand Hill Road nitwits”
  3. 3. Now what Ellison’s saying:“Get to the cloud with Oracle”“Power your cloud with Oracle”“Oracle Exalogic: world’s best… for cloud computing”
  4. 4. Three keys to the cloud1) It amplifies an explosion of computing power2) It distributes server compute power3) It alters the client/server relationship in favor of the end user client
  5. 5. Legacy data centersOne of everything massive complexity.One application per server.One system admin. per 25 servers.
  6. 6. What is a cloud data center?• A uniform, x86 environment• Managed by automated procedures• Allows end users to self provision servers, storage• Invokes new economies of scale
  7. 7. Massive data center build out• Data center spending: $450 billion a year• 8086 started with 29,000 transistors; today a 10-core Intel chip – 2.6 billion
  8. 8. Google, Amazon, Facebook, new data centers• One kind of server/software, repeated thousands of times• 100 applications per server• 1 system admin. - 3,000 servers
  9. 9. What is future cloud data center?• Is x86 all we get?• IBM Power? Sun UltraSparc? Nope.• How about low power, cell phone technology?
  10. 10. What about custom clouds?• Harris Cyber Integration Center• Terremark NAP of the Americas – DOD DIACAP certified• NYSE Mahwah, N.J., Capital Markets Cloud
  11. 11. NYSE’s cloud data center• One part, traditional data center for NYSE licensees• Another part, cloud infrastructure• New types of traders plug into latter?
  12. 12. Every exchange in the cloud• Everyone’s a trader• Sophisticated trading systems available for rent, by the trade or by the hour• Economies of scale, automated systems, low fees, thousands of users
  13. 13. A ‘Facebook’ of financial services• Groups will form social networks, seeking to combine what they know at the moment• ‘Friends’ with varied, established expertise will play for market advantage• Your rival overseas may seek to collaborate
  14. 14. Longer term implications• Think Occupy Wall Street looking over your shoulder• Amateurs employ trading analytical engines• Investments will change frequently
  15. 15. Future Specialized Clouds• Centers for Medicaid, Medicare could sponsor a centralized, health care cloud; eliminate health insurance companies• How about a central Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac mortgage cloud for regulatory purposes?
  16. 16. Data Center is the computer In Zynga’s Z Cloud, sets of servers become components with specific functions• Equinix serves as Zynga’s high speed, private connection to Amazon—Direct Connect• Amazon serves as bursting, spillover site
  17. 17. Confederated clouds• Daisy chains of linked cloud centers around the world• Specialized clouds linked to general purpose clouds• Zynga, Equinix and Amazon a prototype of what’s to come