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Ogmento - The World is Our Game Board


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Ori Inbar, CEO and Co-Founder of Ogmento, discusses innovations in location based and augmented reality gaming. Presented at the "Cutting-Edge Technology Showcase" organized by the New York Technology Council.

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Ogmento - The World is Our Game Board

  1. 1. The World is Our Game Board Ori Inbar CEO and Co-FounderNY Tech Event - Jan 9th, 2012
  2. 2. Company OverviewThe Leader in Location Based & Augmented Reality Gaming 2  
  3. 3. Market Opportunity The Next Big Cycle AUGMENTED REALITY LOCAL NEXT CYCLE MOBILE SOCIAL2000 2010 2020 3  
  4. 4. Our VisionThe World as the Final Gaming Platform 4  
  5. 5. Augmented Reality Games Transform Your Surroundings into Triggers For Play ENGAGE  WITH     PLAY  OFF  OF   BRING  NATURAL  PRODUCTS  &  BRANDS   STORE  FRONTS   SHAPES  TO  LIFE   5  
  6. 6. Business Model Proven Model, Enhanced for The Next Market CycleATTRACT  MASSES   DRIVE  PLAY   MONETIZE        Franchise-­‐Based     Real  World  Hooks     Clicks  on  Bricks                                           Virtual  Goods,   FREE-­‐2-­‐PLAY   Maximize  S6ckiness   Ads,  Offer-­‐Walls         6  
  7. 7. Title: NBA King Of The CourtFirst Ever Franchise-Based Location-AR Game RULE  THE  COURTS,  RULE  THE  WORLD   •   Virtual  courts  in  real  loca6ons   •   Compete  and  outscore  your  friends   •   Become  King  of  the  Court   •   Defend  and  extend  your  kingdom   •   Rise  through  the  ranks     •   Unlock  regional  courts  to  become:          “King  of  the  Word”!   7  
  8. 8. The World is Our Game BoardThank You Ori Inbar @comogard 8