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My presentation on "Doing More With Less$$: Open-Source, Unconferences, and Colaboration" in New York State Government.

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Cio council opensourcecapcamp

  1. 1. Doing More With Le$$: Open-Source, Unconferences & Collaboration in New York State Government Andrew Hoppin CIO, NY State Senate @ahoppin @nysenatecio
  2. 2. Better Laws, Government Less $
  3. 3. Collapse Physical Geography w/ Gov20
  4. 4. Social Web Adoption Collaborate Across Virtual Geographies …… Federal Missouri California Vermont Indiana NYSenate Judiciary Executive Assembly Citizens Civil Servants Elected Officials Rochester Businesses Troy NYC Interest Groups
  5. 5. Open-Source Software for Collaboration & Cost Savings “More and more we are seeing the federal government move towards open source due to its increased security, reduced procurement times, large scalability...reduced cost to the taxpayers, and escape from vendor lock-in… Open source will just continue to grow as the world moves to open storage (low- cost hardware with open-source storage management software that makes it perform as well as high-cost proprietary storage devices), open network (low-cost hardware with open-source VoIP, routing, and switching software that make it perform as well as high-cost proprietary network devices) and open-source virtualization (xVM and Xen cloud computing without the cost of proprietary virtualization and management software) -Bill Vass, COO Sun Microsystems Federal, former CTO US Pentagon
  6. 6. Rationale •Cost Savings (no license fees) •Innovation (leverage community-built software) •Speed to Deployment (reduced procurement times, clone product a peer has created, etc.) •No Vendor Lock-In (hire anyone to work on it) •Recruit Talent (top developers like to work with F/OSS) •Leverage Tax Dollars (share our code to benefit others) •Security: see the source code, fix bugs yourself •Supported: Red Hat, IBM, Sun, Acquia, Kitware, etc.
  7. 7. Recent Press •CIO Magazine: “The Recession will lead CIO’s to move to open source” •eWeek: “10 things IT organizations will do during the recession… #1 Move to Open Source” •Government Computer News: Defense Appropriations language advocates a move to Open Source”
  8. 8. Open-Source Distinctions • Software Stack on which we build and host applications • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Java, Android, Xen, etc. •Tools We Use to Support Building Applications: • Git / Subversion, Redmine / Trac / Bugzilla, Eclipse IDE, etc. •New Applications We Build and Release as Open-Source: • e.g.: NYSenate Open Legislation, SAGE Geo Web Service •Open-Source Platforms We Leverage, Customize and Extend • e.g.: Drupal, MediaWiki, Wordpress, CiviCRM, GeoServer
  9. 9.
  10. 10. New CRM
  11. 11. NY Senate Mobile
  12. 12. Open Legislative Data
  13. 13. News 2.0
  14. 14. Releasing Our Code on GitHub
  15. 15. Open Standards, Formats, APIs for Interoperability, Shared Services • e.g.: XML, JSON, .ODF, .JPG, .CSV, RDF • e.g.: SOAP, REST APIs
  16. 16. …Open APIs, Open Standards
  17. 17. Open-Source Resources •Organizations:  • • • • •Specific Software Projects: • e.g.: • See, •Communities / Events / Training: • • •
  18. 18. Unconferences for Collaboration
  19. 19. CapitolCamp I, June ʻ09
  20. 20. Social Web Adoption CapitolCamp II, August ʻ10
  21. 21. Social Web Adoption ʻ10 CapitolCamp II, August
  22. 22. Collaboration in NYS Adoption w/ Us Social Web Tech Starts …… Federal Missouri California Vermont Indiana NYSenate Judiciary Executive Assembly Citizens Civil Servants Elected Officials Rochester Businesses Troy NYC Interest Groups
  23. 23. External Collaboration:, @NYCIOCouncil Social Web Adoption
  24. 24. Internal Collaboration: Groupsite or Google Group? Social Web Adoption ?
  25. 25. Followup Hoppin@Senate.State.NY.US Ciodesk@Senate.State.NY.US