Way 2 Go: How Smarter Car Drivers Can Lead to Fuller Buses~or~Changing Transportation Habits Through Community-Based Social Marketing


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Chrisophia Somerfeldt
Way2Go Transportation Community Educator
Cornell Cooperative Extension, Tompkins County

How Smarter Car Drivers Can Lead to Fuller Buses ~ or ~ Changing Transportation Habits Through Community-Based Social Marketing

Transportation alternatives to the 'single occupancy vehicle' make eminent sense ~ but how do we help ordinary people change ingrained transportation habits? A veteran community educator offers some answers, some questions, and an overview of 'Way2Go,' a new "one-stop shopping" community education program designed to promote transportation sustainability and equity.

Consider the role of all-mode transportation education. Explore the vital connection between public transportation, walking, bicycling, ridesharing, carsharing and more. Learn about Community-Based Social Marketing, and how it goes beyond traditional marketing in changing transportation behavoir. Lastly ~ can teaching people with cars how to save on gas, (for example,) really lead to more bus riders? We think so. See Why.

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Way 2 Go: How Smarter Car Drivers Can Lead to Fuller Buses~or~Changing Transportation Habits Through Community-Based Social Marketing

  1. 1. New York State Public Transit Authority Sustainability and Innovation Spring Conference Can Smart Car Driving Can Lead to Fuller Buses? OR: Changing Transportation Consumer Choices Through Community- Based Social Marking
  2. 2. An integrated information hub:  Helps people compare and combine transportation strategies.  Can also serve businesses, employers, and transportation providers/planners.  Facilitates greater collaboration among transportation providers and advocates.
  3. 3. Car  Bus Walk Bicycle Rideshare Carshare Car rental Taxi
  4. 4. Transportation alternatives to the ‘car culture’ are mutually interdependent.
  5. 5. Way2Go is here to help bring about transportation systems, services and citizen choices that foster equity, sustainability and a high quality of life for people that live and/or work in Tompkins County.
  6. 6. Way2Go  Information hub: 1-stop shopping of what, how & why of transportation.  Feedback loop: among transportation providers, users and advocates.  Social marketing: Help people choose more active and sustainable transportation.
  7. 7. Designing our plane by flying it:  Workshops on ‘getting around’.  Reaching information gatekeepers.  Getting around for le$$.  Visibility and bite-size info.  Join the ‘Whole Community.’  “If only...”
  8. 8. Community-Based Social Marketing A practical approach that focuses on identifying and removing barriers to change, while encouraging desired behaviors through direct contact among community members.
  9. 9. A growing body of research shows that community- based social marketing (CBSM) is highly effective… and has been successfully used to encourage people to adopt active and sustainable transportation habits. - Article by Transport Canada
  10. 10. CBSM in practice: 1) Specify desired behavior change. 2) Identify barriers. 3) Gather community input. 4) Run small, diverse experiments. 5) Make continuous adjustments.
  11. 11. Making it stick:  ‘I will’ and getting reminders.  Peer influence.  It’s making a difference.
  12. 12. “Community-based social marketing has been shown to be much more effective in promoting active and sustainable transportation than mass marketing.” Mass Marketing  CBSM 1 type of exposure  Many exposures 1 size fits all  Place- and group-specific info 1 source of info  Foster in-group experts 1 way flow of info  Ongoing dialog
  13. 13. Schools Project ~ collaborating towards equity.
  14. 14. Employer/employee pilots.
  15. 15. Joining with Community Centers and Events.
  16. 16. Can smarter car driving lead to fuller buses?
  17. 17. YES.