30 June 2011


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At the New York MAD Meetup, iOS and Android app developers get together to talk shop, share tips and tricks, help each other tackle development problems, and enjoy talks by featured speakers.

We meet at Magnani Caruso Dutton in New York City (W 25 St, between 6 and 7 Av), typically on the last Thursday of the month.

NY MAD is currently on the lookout for featured speakers. If you'd like to volunteer a presentation, don't be shy - let us know!

More info: http://www.meetup.com/NYCMobileAppDev/

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30 June 2011

  1. 1. Inaugural30 June 2011
  2. 2. Hosted By
  3. 3. Meetup Organizers Joe D’Andrea @jdandrea James Warren @jameswarren Maritza Lie mlie@mcdpartners.com
  4. 4. “Wot’s All This Then?” Welcome Charter and Direction Questionnaire Summary Developer Conferences Open Discussion
  5. 5. Welcome!One slide down. 129 to go. Not really. (More like 22.)
  6. 6. NY MAD Membership ~70 Registered as of 29 June 2011 88% New York 9% New Jersey 3% Florida and Pennsylvania
  7. 7. Charter and Direction“At the New York MAD Meetup, iOS andAndroid app developers get together totalk shop, share tips and tricks, help eachother tackle development problems, andenjoy tech talks by featured speakers.”
  8. 8. AdministriviaWe meet at MCD Partners in New York City(W 25 St, between 6 and 7 Av, 4th Floor),typically on the last Thursday of each month.NY MAD is always on the lookout forfeatured speakers. If youd like to volunteer adevelopment-related presentation, or you havesuggestions for future meetups, let us know!
  9. 9. A Show Of Hands How many of you are (or expect to be):• Native Mobile App Developers?• Mobile Web App Developers?• Looking for Mobile App Developers? (Keep Your Hands Raised, Please)• Developers: See those with their hands raised AFTER the meetup!
  10. 10. No Meetup Is An IslandMAD Meetup is geared toward app development.Plenty of mobile meetups in NY. Check them out!Mix and match, see what works best for you.Keep an open mind, listen carefully, ask questions.Take time to experiment. One step at a time.“Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.”
  11. 11. “Be Excellent to Each Other!” Srsly.
  12. 12. Questionnaire ResultsTallied on Tuesday, 28 June 2011Weigh in @NYCMobileAppDev on MeetupHelps Provide Future Direction for MeetupsWarning: Unscientific Measurements Ahead!(YMMV.)
  13. 13. Which Mobile Operating Systems andForm Factors Do You Develop For? 34% iOS (41% Phone, 41% Tablet) 27% Android OS (24% Phone, 24% Tablet) 6% Windows Phone 7 OS 6% WebKit 6% “All” 3% PhoneGap 18%: Facebook, Flash, Flex, “Games”, HTML, JavaScript, “None”, HP webOS, PHP, REST APIs, Samsung bada
  14. 14. What aspect of creating mobile apps do you enjoy the most?9% User Experience 7%: Social Networks5% Apple Xcode 2% Developer Tools5% Brainstorming 5% High Visibility5% “Unsure” ???2% Android SDK 2% “SDKs”2% Cocoa Touch 2% .NET
  15. 15. What aspect of creating mobile apps do you enjoy the most?Technologies (16%): JavaScript, MongoDB,PhoneGap, Ruby/RoR, Ubiquity Mobile, Unity 3D,Windows Communication Foundation ServicesTopics (37%): App Mashups, Audiovisual Design,Augmented Reality, Desktop/Mobile Coexistence,Education, “Everything”, Form Factor, Geolocation,Graphics Algorithms, Income Opportunity,Music Composition, Physics Modeling,“Positive Reviews”, Product Development,Sensory Input, Touchscreen Constraints
  16. 16. What have you found to be the single greatest challenge or roadblock to developing mobile apps?20% Learning Curve14% Platform and Hardware Fragmentation9% Unclear or Lacking Documentation6% App Provisioning and Distribution6% Finding Qualified Developer Talent6% Lack of Real-World Examples6% Learning Java 3% Learning Objective-C 3% MVC
  17. 17. What have you found to be the single greatest challenge or roadblock to developing mobile apps?More (34%): Creating Great User Experiences,Eclipse IDE, Framework Let-Downs,Getting Management Dedication, Graphics,Inattention to Performance and Scalability,Integrating Libraries and Frameworks,Keeping Things Simple, New Technologies,Not Enough Defections to Android OS,Outsourcing Nightmares, Testing withEmulators and Simulators
  18. 18. Would you ever be interested ingiving a presentation to the group? 54% Yes 38% Unsure 8% No, Thanks Attn. 54%: See @jdandrea afterward
  19. 19. What benefit would you most like togain from being a part of this group? 44% Learn/Share Tips, Best Practices, Lessons 28% Meeting With Peers 9% Offering Help and Troubleshooting 6% Learning How To Get Started 6% Moral Support 3% Looking for Developer Talent 3% Project Walkthroughs and Case Studies
  20. 20. Developer Conferences
  21. 21. EXTENDED
  22. 22. Contributed by Bryce Barrand (Thanks Bryce!)Big things from the March 2011 inaugural conference were:• Number of Android Activations• ADK. This is going to be a big deal. http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/usb/adk.html• Next versions of Android OS will include hardware acceleration.• NFC is also going to be big as well. Certain players will require all phones to be NFC capable. http://www.telecomasia.net/content/s-korea-require-nfc-chips-smartphones http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/first_NFC_apps_for_Android_show_up_in_market.php http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/nfc/index.html
  23. 23. 25M iPads sold in 14 Months425K apps in the App Store, 90K+ for iPad14B apps downloaded$2.5B+ paid to developers225M+ accounts with 1-click purchasing
  24. 24. Chartsengrafs
  25. 25. “The hardware is the brains. The software is the soul.”
  26. 26. 1,500+ New API Methods in iOS 5 Developer-Facing Features Announced At Keynote: New Developer Tools, Backlight Level Setting, Dictionary Popover, Newsstand Kit, Full Page Curl Transition, OpenGL ES Debugger, GL Kit, OpenGL ES Game Extensions, Access to LED Flash, Storyboarding,Forward and Reverse Geocoding, GameKit Achievement Notification Banners, Automatic Reference Counting, AirPlay from AV Foundation Apps, New View Animations, Data Protection for Core Data, Fast Forward and Rewind Streaming Content, Page View Controller, vForce and vImage Libraries, Core Image, Improved PDF Support, Customize UI, Location Support in iOS Simulator
  27. 27. Open DiscussionIt’s time to “talk shop!” The floor’s open.Here’s what’s fair game:• Relevant Developer Industry News• Frameworks/APIs, Libraries, IDEs• Programming Language Questions• Specific Development Challenges & Problems
  28. 28. Thank You!http://meetup.com/NYCMobileAppDev