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Word of mouth marketing - Taking it offline


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This PEMCO case study showing how a hyper-local Northwest insurance company took word of mouth marketing offline was chosen to be a featured presentation at the 2011 WOMMA School of WOM.

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Word of mouth marketing - Taking it offline

  1. 1. Off lineTakin g it M Scale e WO g OfflinMakin
  2. 2. OverviewI. Who is PEMCO?II. Our visionIII. Winning strategyIV. Scalable tacticsV. Conclusion
  3. 3. Who is PEMCO?•  Personal-lines mutual insurance company founded in 1949•  Serves niche market of preferred- risk policyholders•  Provides coverage to ~200k Washington households•  Historically conservative and legacy oriented•  Leads with relationship.
  4. 4. Know whats importantWorld-ClassCustomer ExperiencePEMCO BUSINESS MODEL • Integrity • Responsibility • Courage•  Leads with relationship
  5. 5. PEMCO’s “WHY” Why? Why? Why? Why? ? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?We enable and Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?protect the dreams Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?of responsible Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?Northwest people Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
  6. 6. Challenges: Old and new1   Industry •  Highly regulated industry •  Product perceived as a commodity •  Insurance is an unsought product2   Environment •  Consumers heavily influenced by peers, friends, even strangers online •  New & unfamiliar channels are sustaining brand conversations
  7. 7. ur VisionO
  8. 8. Our vision PEMC O gets it! stomer – Voice of the CuPEMCO is the Northwest insurance companythat “gets it.” An organization that’s great to do business with,one that shares the values of those who live here, one that’sgenuinely likeable. It’s the first choice of responsible people.
  9. 9. The BHAG: Our big hairy audacious goal “Never have to advertise for a lead again” PEMCO customers can’t stand the thought of friends and family doing business with anyone else.
  10. 10. S trat egyWin ning
  11. 11. Extensive research initiative Consumer •  100 In-home Ethnographic Interviews •  Important aspects of consideration Research •  Key influences of decisions they make Internal •  Cross Functional & Multi-level Conversations •  Culture, Values, and Challenges Reviews •  Strengths and Opportunities Competitive •  Studied Top Twelve Companies – S.W.O.T. •  Product, Price and Brand Positioning Assessment •  Advertising, Messaging, Distribution and P.R.
  12. 12. PEMCO’s winning approach Different because we live, Differentiate on work, learn and play in the hyper local same communities. Grow and evolve tools to Achieve meaningful reach and connect with broad interaction consumer base Invest in long-term consumer Deliver world class relationships throughcustomer experience consistent engagement
  13. 13. Tools in the toolbox
  14. 14. Tools in the toolbox
  15. 15. Offline communication programs1   2   3   Marketing Community Sales • Advertising • Grants & • Direct Agents Partnerships • Independent • Media Relations • Participation Agents • Events and sponsorships • Donations
  16. 16. Lead with relationshipImplement an integrated, scalable, dynamicrelationship building program 1   2   3   Awareness Impact Frequency •  Multi-channel •  Offline •  Consistency •  Easily sharable •  Experiential •  Dependability •  Output growth •  Personal •  Familiarity
  17. 17. Lead with relationship: AwarenessMulti-channel Sharable Output growth Traditional Talk worthy Sustained input Surprise & Events Online delight Web Offline Value exchange PR Insider Info Direct mail
  18. 18. Lead with relationship: Impact Offline Experiential Personal
  19. 19. Lead with relationship: FrequencyConsistency Dependability Familiarity
  20. 20. Scale?Wi ll It
  21. 21. Marketing partnerships 1   Local organization 2   Shared values 3   Common objectives
  22. 22. Local retailersCelebrate a shared audience
  23. 23. Local servicesLeverage shared interests
  24. 24. Local franchises & fansKnow your talkers!
  25. 25. Local franchises & fansKnow your talkers!
  26. 26. Make it fun and relevantGive them something to talk about!
  27. 27. Make it fun and relevantMake it easy to share!
  28. 28. Community agent partnersAmplify hyper-local community initiatives
  29. 29. Building powerful partnershipsExtending brand on a small budget•  Attract potential partners•  Lead with relationship•  Gauge image & reputation•  Seek complimentary strengths•  Capitalize on identity
  30. 30. Building powerful partnerships Alignment Re sults ners Enhance Enga ged Part Purpose Values Vision Commitment
  31. 31. Events and sponsorships 1   Local Commitment 2   Meaningful Interaction 3   Memorable & Recurring
  32. 32. PEMCO brand ambassadorsEmpowered to build relationships•  Outgoing & enthusiastic•  Social media & tech savvy•  Strong writing skills•  Familiar with campaign•  Understand PEMCO brand•  Customer service background
  33. 33. Connect with communityService-oriented activities create conversation
  34. 34. Facilitate engagementPersonalized souvenirs have life beyond events
  35. 35. Spark conversationIntegrate “talkable” campaign elements into events
  36. 36. Act local to be localLivin’ la vida local!
  37. 37. WALLY… on the road In 2011, PEMCO will sponsor and participate in more than 100 events across Washington Oregon
  38. 38. Media relationships 1   Timely news & safety info 2   Relevant feature stories 3   Northwest insights
  39. 39. Pitched featuresTelling the story of PEMCO in the community
  40. 40. News & safetyInforming & educating
  41. 41. Northwest insightsSharing attitudes & perceptions on local issues
  42. 42. Community relations 11   Celebrate Northwest 22   Uphold Educator Legacy 33   Empower Employees
  43. 43. Serving community & neighbors Empower employees Uphold educator roots Celebrate Northwest
  44. 44. clusion…In Con
  45. 45. PEMCO offline social graph PEMCO teams from across the organization reach consumers and their networks with tangible offline programs the yield measureable results with scalable output
  46. 46. PEMCO offline social graph Each branch of PEMCO offline activity is highly integrated & multidimensional, connecting in unexpected ways with unanticipated audiences & driving engagement
  47. 47. Metrics: MarketingBuilding powerful & enduring relationships offline 1.2m •  Attendees to PEMCO sponsored events 19.5m •  Potential impressions from 7 PEMCO Polls 25k •  Personalized lanyards distributed 95 •  Earned 2010 media hits
  48. 48. Metrics: Community relationsBuilding powerful & enduring relationships offline 98% •  Contributed to or volunteered with local organizations 82% •  Donated to a company sponsored events 67% •  Volunteer for non-PEMCO affiliated organizations 15% •  Board members on a community or non-profit organization
  49. 49. Metrics: ConversationsActivities drive insurance conversations Had a conversation about auto insurance in the past month40%35%30%25% Insurance20%15% PEMCO10% 5% 0% Mar 09 Sept 09 Mar 10 Feb 11
  50. 50. Metrics: ConversationsActivities drive insurance conversations…offline! 91% •  Of insurance conversations occur in person as opposed to online100%80%60%40% Online In-person20% 0%
  51. 51. LearnedLessons
  52. 52. Lessons learned 1   Be clear about “Why” & “Who” 2   How: Meaningful, Experiential, Consistent 3   What: Personal & Community Engagement
  53. 53. Conn ect!Let’s @NW_Mktg_Guy @alyssa_no
  54. 54. Questions?