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Personal Brand & Social Media Tools


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Recognizing the importance of the "personal brand" image we project is a critical first step in developing and growing our careers. But conventional thinking on the topic is beginning to shift and the importance of our "personality brand" has become an increasingly important dimension. That, and the rapidly escalating use of social media tools makes the art of presenting ourselves a whole new ballgame!

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Personal Brand & Social Media Tools

  1. 1. V.P.  and  Chief  Marketing  Officer:  PEMCO  Mutual  Insurance  Company  Managing  Your  Online  Identity  With  Your  Future  In  Mind  YOUR  PERSONAL  BRAND  
  2. 2. What  do  you  see?  
  3. 3. What  do  you  see?   What  will  be  seen  in  you?   What’s  YOUR  edge?  
  4. 4. Brand...    What  is  it?    Definition?     “A    brand  is    a  collection  of  perceptions  in   the  mind  of  the  consumer.”  
  5. 5. Personal  Brand...    What  is  it?    Definition?     A  personal  brand  is  how  people  perceive  you.       It’s  the  way  they  describe  you  to  friends.       It’s  the  way  they  differentiate  you  from  someone  else.       It’s  the  things  they  remember  about  you  when  you   aren’t  around.  
  6. 6. Personal  Brand...    What  is  it?    Definition?     A  personal  brand  is  how  people  perceive  you.       It’s  the  way  they  describe  you  to  friends.       It’s  the  way  they  differentiate  you  from  someone  else.   It’s  the  things  they  remember  about  you  when  you   aren’t  around.  
  7. 7. Personal  brand...    How  do  you  want  to  be…     Perceived?     Described?     Differentiated?     Remembered?  
  8. 8. “Your  ‘personal  brand’    is  based  on  the  impression   you  want  to  create.     It’s  about     packaging  yourself  in  a     certain  way  to  appeal  to  a   certain  audience.”  
  9. 9. Your  brand  framework  What’s  inside  your  personal  brand?   Brand   Attributes   Brand   Brand   Personality   Promise   Brand   Brand   Driver   Positioning  
  10. 10. The  power  of  one...    You  are  one  person.    You  have  one  life.    You  have  one  personality.    You  have  one  set  of  values.    You  have  one  future.      You  have  one  brand.    Offline  and  online  are  one.    Bring  your  one  (whole)  self  to  all  you  do.  
  11. 11. “They  don’t  by  what  you  do,    they  buy  why  you  do  it.”   -­‐  Simon  Sinek       Why?   -­‐  Belief   Purpose  -­‐  Cause   How?   Guiding  Principles   What?   Tangible  Proof  -­‐  Results   The  Why  is  your  driving   The  Hows  are  the  specific   The  Whats  are  tangible   motivation  for  action.     actions  that  are  taken  to   ways  in  which  you  bring   Your  purpose!   realize  your  Why.   your  Why  to  life.      
  12. 12. Heroes  &  Zombies   Differences?  Design  their  own  lives   Wander  aimlessly  through  life  Driven  by  a  compelling  purpose   No  true  rhyme  nor  reason    Admired  for  their  achievements   Little  to  show  for  their  effort  Wage  a  triumphant  battle   Walks  away  from  adversity  Thrilled  by  overcoming  challenges   Putting  in  their  time  until  expiring  
  13. 13. Your  “WHY”  is  your  purpose   What  motivates  and  excites  you?     What  do  you  love  to  do?     Where  do  you  like  to  be?     How  do  you  like  to  act?   What  are  your  core  values?     What  in  life  is  important  to  you  and  WHY?    
  14. 14. Go  to  fun!  Identify  your  passion.   “People  rarely  succeed   unless  they  have  fun  in   what  they  are  doing.”     ~  Dale  Carnegie  
  15. 15. Go  to  fun!  Identify  your  passion.   Do   Be   Act   Integrity   Responsibility   Courage  
  16. 16. “Mystery  is  in  the  history:  
  17. 17. Why  is  personal    branding  so  important?    At  least  half  of  all  companies  conduct   background  checks  on  social  networks.         Careerbuilder  2009    Two-­‐thirds  of  job-­‐hunting  college   grads  aren’t  cleaning  up  their  social   network  profiles.                                                                                         ,  September  2009      Hiring  managers  are  paying  attention.   Are  you?  
  18. 18. The  Permatail  Impact.    Search  can  be  both  powerful   and  scary  -­‐-­‐  the  good,  the   bad  and  the  dumb  will  show   up  on  the  web.        Search  doesnt  have  a            half-­‐ life,  it  not  only  has  a  long  tail,   but  a  permatail.    
  19. 19. Housekeeper  wanted...  Craig’s  List  MySpace  Page   Personal  Blog   Local  Police  A  picture  of  the   "I  am  applying   Only  six  applicant,   for  some  menial   matches.    The  drinking  beer   jobs  that  are   sixth  indicated  from  a  funnel.     below  me,  and   that  the  Under  hobbies,   Im  annoyed  by   applicant  had  the  first  entry   it.    Ill  certainly   been  arrested  was,  "binge   quit  the  minute  I   for  shoplifting  drinking."   sell  a  few   two  years   paintings."   earlier.  
  20. 20. Be  aware  of  potential  missteps!   tifi cial   A r Phony   Stagnant   G reed   Consumed  
  21. 21. Phony:   Your  personal  brand  is  based  on   what  your  audience  wants  you  to  be   rather  than  who  you  are.  Your  Personal  Brand  
  22. 22. Artificial:       Your  personal  brand  is   manufactured,  rather  than  a  living,   breathing  part  of  your  personality.  Your  Personal  Brand  
  23. 23. Average:     Your  personal  brand  strategies  are   based  on  a  set  of  one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all   techniques.  Your  Personal  Brand  
  24. 24. Stagnant:       Your  personal  brand  is  stale  and  is   not  evolving  with  your  career.    Your  Personal  Brand  
  25. 25. Greed:     Your  personal  brand  is  designed  to   maximize  your  profit  rather  than   serving  your  purpose.  Your  Personal  Brand  
  26. 26. Consumed:       You’re  so  wrapped  up  in  building  a   “personal  brand”  that  you  forget   your  own  natural  personality.  Your  Personal  Brand  
  27. 27. The  Lesson:       Never,  ever  sacrifice   your  personality  for   your  personal  brand  Your  Personal  Brand  
  28. 28. The  Lesson:       Never,  ever  sacrifice   your  personality  for   your  personal  brand   Perso nality  Your                    Brand  
  29. 29. “Your  ‘personality  brand’    is  based  on  who  you         actually  are.     It’s  about  identifying  and   expressing  your  unique  personality  strengths…  in  a   way  that  connects  and   communicates.”    
  30. 30. Social  media  building  blocks   What  you    say  and  do  online  matters.   How  do  you  choose  to  use  the  tools?!  
  31. 31. Social  media  building  blocks   “The  single  most  important  first   impression  you  make  is  with  the   3600  to  5000  pixels  you  get  for  your   tiny  photograph”  –  Seth  Godin  Your  photo  is  your  best  choice.       Communicate  openness    The  real  you.   and  enthusiasm.      Use  a  white  or  neutral  background.   Don’t  try  too  hard  to  stand  out.  •  .    •  .   sense  of  any  detail  you    Make   Be  consistent.      add  to  your  avatar.   Use  the  same  avatar  everywhere      
  32. 32. Social  media  building  blocks   “Social  media  resumes  are  important  for   attracting  hiring  managers  directly  to  you,   without  having  to  submit  your  resume,   blindly,  to  them.”  –  Dan  Schawbel    Keep  it  simple.    Start  with  a  website,   Your  name  as  your  URL  is  key.  a  blog,  or  both.,  or      Match  your  brand  to  your                 Integrate    social  network  profiles.  •  .   design  style.  resume   Linked  In,  Facebook,  Twitter,  etc     .  • Enhance  with  multi-­‐media.   Make  it  easy  to  share.      
  33. 33. Social  media  building  blocks   “Whether  you  know  it  or  not,  your  profile,   your  feed,  the  groups  you  belong  to,  the   events  you  attend  and  the  friends  you  share   say  everything  about  you.”  –  Brian  Solis    Fill  your  profile  out  completely  …   Know  your  audience  and  and  accurately!   update  your  status  regularly.    Listen  and  explore,  but  be   The  pictures  you  post  and  the  •  .  thoughtful    with  your  “likes”       pictures  you  are  tagged  in.     .  • Set  your  privacy  settings.   Share  relevant  information.      
  34. 34. Social  media  building  blocks   “A  powerful  tool  for  college  students  seeking   internships  and  jobs…    the  way  that  you   conduct  yourself  has  far-­‐reaching   implications  as  you  start  your  career.”  Create  a  solid,  branded  profile.     Be  flawless!    Correct  grammar,  Have  a  unique  URL.   spelling,  and  be  complete.    Join  relevant  groups  and                       Find  and  connect  with    •  .   in  group  discussions  engage   relevant  contacts.     .  • Connect  website  &  twitter  accounts   Position  yourself  as  a  leader.      
  35. 35. Social  media  building  blocks   “Just  being  on  Twitter  isn’t  enough.  You   have  to  participate.  Join  the  conversation.   Create  conversation.”  –  Jennifer  Horowitz  Claim  your  twitter  handle  and   Be  an  active  listener  and  a              synchronize  your  avatars.   valued  contributor    Identify  communities  of  interest  and   Pay  it  forward:  Promote  others  by  •  .  introduce  yourself.   sharing  content  and  retweeting  •  .  Become  a  recognized  enthusiast,   Be  yourself…  Authentic,  expert  or  resource.  Answer   transparent  and  real.  questions.    
  36. 36. So…  Now  what  do  you  see?  
  37. 37.   Twitterr  –  @NW_Mktg_Guy      Blog  –    Facebook  –    Rod  Brooks    Linked  in  –    Rod  Brooks    e-­‐mail  –  THANK  YOU!