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What is the Belgian coalition for the New World of Work all about? Learn all about our vision, goals and activities. And join us to make it happen.

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  • We are heretoday to launch the coalition for the NEW WORLD OF WORKIamveryproud to seesomanyexecutivesfrom the founding partners have taken the time to join and support us.I amalsovery happy to seesomanyjournalists, to come and listen to positivenews.The idea for thiscoalitionstartedthissummer, when the roadworks at the Vilvoorde bridge whereabout to start.A couple of peoplearound the coffee machine at Microsoft came up with the idea to organise a stunt “maakdebrug/faiteslepont”.OnMondaymorning, at the firstday of the roadworks, everyonestuck in trafffic was invited to comework at one of the Carestelsaround Brussels, enjoying a free coffee and croissant as well as free wifiofferedby Telenet. The immense interest and enthusiasmgatheredbythissimpleaction, gotus thinkingabouthow we could have an impact in a structuralway, and on the long term onhow we worktoday. Withinourcorporatesocialresponsabilityapproach, we started thinking abouthow we couldimprove the way we worktoday: - people: How we could have an impact ondevelopingeveryperson’spotential in Belgianorganisationsplanet: How we could do this in a sustainableway, with respect for ourplanet. profit: And howthiscouldbealignedwith the business goals of shareholders and CEO’s.Before I go intothat, let me sharesomefacts & figuresonwhythis NEW WORLD OF WORK is needed.
  • Demographicevolution is speeding upBy 2020 , for every 10 peopleleaving the Belgian job market, only 7 newpeople enter it.Toomany 50 plus are leaving the job market to soon. Why is that? Coulditbethat a newworld of workthat’sbuildsontheirexperience and talent butalsotakesinto account theirlonging to slow down is needed? Notemployers, but employees willdecidewhere and whentheywork in the (near) futureScarcity of new talent willbe the rule.
  • Generation Y - they are not intimidated by IT were born with and grew-up with technologyThey grew-up in a timeframe where everything became discussable, they have been allowed to speak openly & freely and they have been encouraged to build their own opinion about things They got the space, the freedom and the monetary support to develop to their own wishes and capabilities, this is a happy generation, without fear and full of optimismThey care less about status & salary, for them work is some kind of entertainment and a good way to extend their social network. They are looking for a good split between work & private. They want their employer to provide flexibility, permanent coaching, training & feed-back.You know, when I used to do my homework, I was usually in a dark room, with this typical - I think it was Ikea – Bureaulamp which you had in multiple colors (Red, blue, Yellow, black & White) in order to concentrate & not to be distracted by the environment. And when I was stuck, and if I was lucky, I could go in the hallway and make a phonecalltoa a classmate. But not for long, as after max 15’, my dad would open the door to remind me how expensive it is to make phone calls and that it was the 3th time this week and that I’d better hurry-up and pay more attention while in class.Well today, youngsters make their homework before television with a laptop, while surfing on the internet and chatting with multiple classmates at the same time. They are used to escalating a chat session into a phone call or a ‘web’ conference. Generation Y's strength is its technological sophistication. Digital communication is Generation Y's birthright. Members grew up in an on-demand world where access to information is immediate. Technology has been and remains an integral part of their daily lives, including their relationships. Thus, they possess the tools and savvy needed to work with the information systems running companies today and to address the challenges of working in virtual teams on complex problems. Raised to be team players, Millennials are especially suited for collaborative work environments. Millenials, generation Y, digital nativeswilldeterminerulesThey are used toSharingCo-creationUsingsocial mediaTeamworkTheyvalueAuthenticityethicalcompanies respectTheydemand tools & technology to workanywhere, anytime, anyplaceConsumerization of IT
  • The message is clear: people will select and use the technology tools that they want to use for their work. Employees are using their own PCs, laptops, and other devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as consumer applications, in particular social applications, at home and at work and at a multitude of other places for business purposes. In fact, according to a recent book by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler (from Forrester Research) called Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business, one in three information workers self-provisions easily accessible technologies to use at work that their company does not sanction. This includes websites, applications, and mobile devices.
  • Traffic jams are costingoureconomymillions of euro everyyear (figure?)We have to thinkaboutalternativeways to deal withthis:Public transportFlexiblehoursButalso time/place independent working
  • All parents in the room knowwhatit is like to combine work and private life.Howcan we balanceboth, and do we stillneed to separate them? Orwilltheyblurintoone? Is thatgoodor bad?We seethatone of the most important drivers for performance is motivation, and thisone is drivenby a number of factors, butflexibility and the feeling of being in control of yourowndestiny, having the feeling of being in controlover-all. It is alsoone of the important reasonswhy Microsoft was elected ‘Employer of the Year’
  • Today, we are launching the coalitionwith 7 otherfounding partners. Togetherwiththem, we have definedourvision, mission, goals and somefirstactivities.All of them are already living up to the NWOW values in theirorganisationtoday. Some have implementedit a few yearsago and canshare.Others have put an important focus onitsincethisyear and have set ambitious goals. Theywilltellyou all abouttheirvision and experiencewith NWOW and the reasonwhytheyjoin the coalitionduring the Q&A session we will have in half anhour. Butthis is only a start. The coalition wants to bean open sharing platform, accessible to all individuals and organisationsthatbelieve in the newworld of work.The newworld of work is work in progress.So we activelylaunch a call to actiontowardsorganisationsthat want to join.Unizo and UCM have alreadysaidtheywillbe the first employee organisations to support us.(Getronics)
  • Nwowcoalition whathowwhy april2012

    1. 1. Launch Event, November 30th, 2011
    2. 2. Belgian job market 2014  202010 out = 10 in 10 out = 7 in Source: FOD Social Security
    3. 3. My PC My devices My apps Work from home PC  Smartphones  Social networking Bring your own PC  Slates & tablets  Cloud apps So I can work the way I want to work
    5. 5. Founding partners
    6. 6. Goal NWOW coalition Make Belgian companies and people adopt and develop the new world of work
    7. 7. NWOW: What’s in a name?  TRUST  TIME & PLACE AUTONOMY  SELF FULFILLMENT  PRODUCTIVITY  COLLABORATION  OUTPUT DRIVEN Watch the video !www.slim-werken.be - www.mieux-travailler.be
    8. 8. Strategy NWOW coalition Convince business & public leaders of NWOW added value Get traction from citizens and employees Convince policymakers & influencers to change labor & privacy laws - remove barriers to NWOW Provide & build platform for NWOW enablers
    9. 9. www.mieux-travailler.bewww.slim-werken.be
    10. 10. Open innovation philosophy
    11. 11. Become an NWOWambassadorSET THE EXAMPLE I will initiate an NWOW project in my own organization and/or I will deliver services to my customers to help them in implementing NWOW.SPREAD THE WORD I will actively promote NWOW through my network: organize activities or events, spread the mesage via my own online and offline communication channels, using the NWOW branding and communication tools offered by the NWOW coalition In doing so, I will envolve the NWOW Coalition and refer to it where possible.SHARE YOUR NWOW EXPERIENCE I commit to share my experience wtih NWOW with other members of the NWOW community I commit that my experience can be used for further outreach towards the Belgian market I commit to sharing best practices of my clients (respect confidentiality issues)BE PART OF THE NWOW AMBASSADORS CLUB Share and learn with other NWOW ambassadors (quarterly workshop) Visibility on the NWOW website (logo, your NWOW-events, guestblog) Access to NWOW best practices, tips, newsletters, presentation toolkits, etc. Participate in annual NWOW ambassador event
    12. 12. NWOW ambassador benefits Thought leadership Monthly newsletter Visibility on NWOW platform  Logo  Cases  Guestblogs  Videos  Etc. Support from NWOW coalition in organising your events Networking: join taskforces Annual NWOW ambassador event
    13. 13. Projectmanager: elke.jeurissen@glassroots.com, 0476/505454