Maximizing the Value of Process Data – How Dow Implemented EMI


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Dow Chemical had a Very Big Data Problem – they collected huge amounts of process data in many databases at many locations but were limited in how they could use it to produce actionable information to improve operations, drive down costs and increase efficiencies. How could they increase the operational value of all that data?

Lloyd Colegrove, Director of Fundamental Problem Solving, discussed how Dow unlocked the value of the data with an innovative new approach to enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) that uses their existing infrastructure and is within reach of almost every manufacturer today.

Managing a multinational chemical firm and its supply chain requires every bit of decision support management can muster, but to quote ARC, “Everyone is drowning in data, but starving for information”. In their studies ARC identified the top three wish list for manufacturing software solutions:
• Analytics – the key to creating actionable intelligence;
• Collaboration – the means to leverage collective knowledge;
• Cloud – finding the most efficient way to distribute real-time information.

These all point to Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence as the realistic means for manufacturers to control and optimize their processes and improve corporate management.

To reach the EMI goal, Dow faced the complex data problems common to every manufacturer – multiple generations of data systems from multiple vendors each in its own silo and no direct way to consolidate and analyze the data to support comprehensive process management.

During this conversation, Mr. Colegrove will open the Dow EMI playbook to present a real-world approach to EMI that any manufacturer can apply to the process data collected in historians, LIMS, MES or other process databases.

Our Guest – Lloyd Colegrove, Fundamental Problem Solving Director, Dow Chemical. Mr. Colegrove is a 23 year veteran of chemical production. From R&D to process optimization, he has led the successful effort at Dow to integrate process data and implement scalable EMI.

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Maximizing the Value of Process Data – How Dow Implemented EMI

  1. 1. Manufacturing Intelligence for Intelligent Manufacturing™May 15, 2013A Conversation:Maximizing the Valueof Process Data
  2. 2. Manufacturers are drowning in data,but starving for information.ARC, 2012The next level of productivity gainsin manufacturing must be achievedthrough EMI. IDC, 2011
  3. 3. Lloyd ColegroveDir. Fundamental Problem SolvingDow ChemicalLouis HalvorsenCTONorthwest AnalyticsOur Guests
  4. 4. Problem: Discrete Data Usage• No plan• We work, data sitsManufacturingProductsMonitorSafetyProductReleaseProcess ControlData Data Data
  5. 5. From Very Big Data to KnowledgeAnalyzeReportPrepare/DistributeCaptureDataAggregationAnalyzeReportCaptureVALUEData SourcesData Connectivity andIntegrationAnalytics and NotificationDashboard, Graphics, andReportingCollective KnowledgeCollaboration
  6. 6. Future Workflow – as dreamt on a paper napkinRetrieveDataAnalyzeDataJoinDataQualityAnalystAWonderfultoolSIMCA-PMatlab“Services Layer”This services Layer willknow how to interact withall the different databases(1) Discover what is available& show it to the user(2) Retrieve data once usersays what s/he wantsManually or unattended.Join data dependingon goals:• Continuous• Batch• Multiple plantsWhat the User Sees: A Workflow Implementation ToolPirouetteEtc.
  7. 7. Challenges• Data available in– instrument software– Lab information systems– process historians– SAP-like product systems• Data collected at different time intervals– Indexed differently; some in time, some inbatchID• Data integrity impacted by e.g.– Natural plant variation– Inappropriate plant operation– Vagaries of chemical processes (reactionkinetics, etc.)
  8. 8. Solution of Choice – NWA Focus EMI®• Core EMI Services– Direct data-source connectivity– Real-time data aggregation– Comprehensive analytics– Role-based dashboards– Alarm & notification• “Accelerating” Services– KnowledgeBase– Collaboration
  9. 9. NWA Focus EMI® Multi-plant ImplementationPlant #2Plant #1 Plant #3 Plant #4LIMSMESHistOff-line SPCReal-time DashboardsOff-line SPCReal-time DashboardsOff-line SPCReal-time DashboardsOff-line SPCReal-time DashboardsLIMSMESHistLIMSMESHistLIMSMESHistCorporate:- Management- Production- Engineering- QualityEnterpriseSystemsNorthwest Analytics ConfidentialNWA Focus EMI® Enterprise DeploymentNWA Focus EMI® CollaborationNWA Focus EMI® KnowledgeBase
  10. 10. How is NWA Focus EMI® Unique?• Direct data source connections –no data replication• Ubiquitous analytics layer –meaningful information, notsimply data• Accelerated EMI• KnowledgeBase• Collaboration• Implementations
  11. 11. NWA Focus EMI®Demonstration
  12. 12. ROI, Benefits Discussion
  13. 13. Thanks for joining us!For more information aboutNWA Focus EMI®, contactNorthwest Analytics atnwa@nwasoft.comor 888.692.7638
  14. 14. Manufacturing Intelligence for IntelligentManufacturing.™Link to recorded webinar
  15. 15. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180Laggard ManufacturerSophisticated ManufacturerWith NWA FocusIdentify ProblemGather dataCompile ReportAnalyze/ProblemSolveNWA Focus EMI® BenefitsTime is money7 hrs168 hrs88 hrs
  16. 16. NWA Focus EMI® Payback & ROISolution payback average: 2-6 months• Payback & ROI Factors• Recalls• Waste• Reporting cost/time• Risk reduction• Information Lag• Data Inaccuracy$0 $500,000 $1,000,000 $1,500,000ReportingWasteMinor RecallCost/Issue
  17. 17. Lloyd Colegrove,Dir. Fundamental Problem SolvingThe Dow Chemical Companylfcolegrove@dow.com979.238.9948