EMI Based Collaboration Accelerates Supply Chain Performance


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World class supply chain management (SCM) reduces barriers between suppliers, manufacturers and customers to create a seamless supply chain involving all operational units. Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) is fundamental to meeting that goal.

The primary SCM mission is to move the highest quality goods through the supply chain as quickly and accurately as possible. Each unit needs to collaborate on improving supply chain performance and effectively deal with:

• Cycle time reduction
• Logistics performance
• Quality/performance issues
o Transaction error rates
o Product quality and compliance issues

Operational silos within the company and its supply chain cripple sharing strategies and data across supply chain functions. EMI based collaboration blasts through these barriers and brings together experts from all supply chain units to forge solutions.

On September 25 join Mark Gavoor, Managing Director of CR-Supply Chain Consulting, to discuss the impact of collaboration on supply chain management and improvement. Mr. Gavoor is an experienced supply chain and quality practitioner, and has been VP Supply Chain at Sanford NA (Rubbermaid) and Director of Customer Service and Logistics for Colgate-Palmolive.

Sign up for the conversation. http://www.nwasoft.com/resources/webinars/emi-based-collaboration-accelerates-supply-chain-performance

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EMI Based Collaboration Accelerates Supply Chain Performance

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