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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Themes: Locations:•Hope/Determination •Camden•The values of friendship/trust and money •Kentish Town•Physical Abuse •Kings Cross•Hypocrisy and Injustice•Greed•Poverty•Corruption
  2. 2. Finances• Film Grants• Investors• Donations• Studio Development Production
  3. 3. Actors/Actress Crew• Robert Sheehan Producers:• Adrian Lester Nira Park, Kate Crowe• Jaime Murray Directors:• Noel Clarke Edgar Wright, Noel Clarke• Adam Deacan• Simon Bird• Lauren Socha• Antonia Thomas
  4. 4. Distributed byStudio Canal UKScreen Gems
  5. 5. Advertisement•• printing, •word of mouth, Broadcast,• Covert, •social networking,•• Viral Outdoor •trailers, •advertise in popularBy; shopping centers/town• word of mouth, e.g. Camden, White• social networking,• trailers, City and colleges by• advertise in popular using• shopping centers/town e.g. Camden,• White City and colleges by usingThe cinemas which willshow this film Vue and Odeon since their arevery popular for my target audiences
  6. 6. Poster• Money or the world which one matters more