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Northern Valley Soccer Club Parents Meeting 2016


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Northern Valley Soccer Club Parents Meeting 2016

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Northern Valley Soccer Club Parents Meeting 2016

  1. 1. NCSA League Updates
  2. 2. TeamSnap • If you already have a Team Snap account for your team, send an email to if you haven’t already so we can pull your information in • You will get an email on how to log into your account and set it up • You’ll have to enter your schedule into the system as well as the email addresses for your players/parents • If you are collecting money for anything (i.e. tournament, t-shirts,etc.) you can do it through the system and point it to a paypal account • I will send out a bunch of introduction videos from Teamsnap this week
  3. 3. US Club Soccer Birth Year Mandate: Why? • Northern Valley Soccer Club participates in the Northern Counties Soccer Association League • US Club Soccer is the sanctioning body for NCSA • US Club Soccer announced in September 2015 that all member organizations must comply to age based groupings based on the calendar year • The actual labels for each level will be Year competition Ends – Year players are born. i.e. Fall 2016/Spring 2017 players born in 2005 will be 2017-2005 = U12
  4. 4. How it Affects our Teams • Coaching/Parent Admin Assignments may change as players move • Tryouts for Fall will be based on this grouping • Flighting adjustments will need to be made as players move • Most Tournaments will be following this change • Players in 8th Grade that do not fall into the U14 category (i.e. Born in 2002) depending on numbers may be handled in different ways • Older players with younger players play in MAPS team • If enough U15 players are interested play in NCSA as U15
  5. 5. Heading/Concussion Mandate • U11 and younger- US Club Soccer recommends that players in U11 and younger programs do not engage in heading in practices or games. • U12 and U13 limited to 30 minutes per week and no more than 15-20 headers • All coaches should emphasize the importance of proper techniques • Spring 2016- U11 and below, younger player shall not engage in heading ball…Still waiting for how this is going to be enforced