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9 evelyn glennie


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9 evelyn glennie

  1. 1. Presentation by Mr. Jahangir Shaikh T.G.T. English (JNV, Jabalpur)
  2. 2. Today Evelyn Glennie is the only classical percussionist in the world of Music who has made a solo concert career of beating, crashing and banging objects. She has been awarded a long string of awards including a 1988 Grammy and 15 honorary doctorates (and counting). Glennie, born in 1965, was raised on a farm near Aberdeen, Scotland, where she took piano lessons and played the the harmonica and the clarinet.
  3. 3. Evelyn Glennie Evelyn Glennie Listens to Sound without hearing It By, Deborah Cowley
  4. 4. Deborah Cowley is an Ottawabased writer and broadcaster. She has travelled the world while writing more than 100 articles for different editions of the Reader’s Digest. She has been an on-air broadcaster for CBC radio in Washington, D.C., and worked for CBC television in London and Cairo, Egypt. She is the author of Cairo: A Practical Guide, now in its 17th edition, of Lucille Teasdale: Doctor of Courage, short-listed for the Ottawa Book Award. With her husband George Cowley, she wrote One Woman’s Journey: A Portrait of Pauline Vanier. She has been a member of Writers‟ Union of Canada since 2001.
  5. 5. Evelyn Glennie  Evelyn Glennie, the Grammy-winning percussionist, was born just as any other normal child. Her loss of hearing was gradual.  When she was at school at the age of 8 , her mother Isabel Glennie first noticed her about her difficulty in hearing. Evelyn managed to hide her growing deafness from friends & teachers for quite a while.  At the age of 11,the marks of her deafness deteriorated, her headmistress requested her parents to take her to a specialist. It was then discovered that her hearing was badly damaged as a result of gradual nerve damage.  The Specialist adviced that she should be fitted with hearing aids & sent to a school for deaf. For Evelyn everything suddenly looked black…  Evelyn determined to lead a normal life & pursue her interest in Music.
  6. 6.  All the teachers discouraged her except one i.e. Ron Forbes.  Ron Forbes was the percussion teacher at her school,who recognized her potentials. He drilled her by playing2 large drums to different notes. He trained her not to hear but feel the music through various parts of our body. Ron Forbes (The Percussionist)  This prove great for her. And the rest was her strong determination & Hard work.  Evelyn Glennie never looked back then. At the age of 16, she toured U.K. with a Youth Orchestra.
  7. 7. Evelyn, at the age of 16 only, auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music, London & she scored the highest marks in the history of the academy. The Royal Academy of Music, London  During the 3 years of the course she achieved the most of the top Awards at the academy. In 1991 she was presented with the Royal Philharmonic Society’s prestigious Soloist of the Year Award. She has been awarded a long string of awards including a 1988 Grammy and 15 honorary doctorates
  8. 8. When she plays the xylophone, she can sense the sound passing up the stick into her fingertips  Evelyn’s Success Mantra in her own words, “If you work hard and know where you are going, you’ll get there.”  And she got right to the top, the world’s most sought-after multi percussionist with a mastery of some thousand instruments and hectic international schedule. Music for Evelyn, she explains, “It (music) pours in through every part of my body. It tingles in the skin, my cheekbones and even in my hair.”
  9. 9. It is amazing to watch Evelyn function so effortlessly without hearing. Evelyn in the eyes of other masters of Percussion like James Blades. He says, “God may have taken her hearing but he has given her back something extraordinary. What we hear, she feels — far more deeply than any of us. That is why she expresses music so beautifully.”
  10. 10. Evelyn Glennie achieved more than most people twice of her age. She has brought percussion to the front of the orchestra, and demonstrated that it can be very moving.  Evelyn has given inspiration to those who are handicapped, people who look at her and say, „If she can do it, I can.‟ And, not the least, she has given great pleasure to millions of the people. DEBORAH COWLEY