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6 the shepherd treasure


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Published in: Lifestyle, Spiritual
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6 the shepherd treasure

  1. 1. •There lived a poor Shepherd in Iran. He did not have his own home. He was illiterate because there were very less schools and he was very poor. •But by nature the shepherd was very intelligent and wise. He could easily understand the problems of other people. He used to solve the problems of people easily. He became very popular for his wisdom. His popularity reached upto the king. Now the king was also very eager to meet this wise Shepherd.
  2. 2.  The king changed his identity and disguised himself as a Shepherd. Riding on a mule, he reached near a cave where the wise Shepherd lived. The Shepherd welcomed the traveler. He took the tired traveler inside the cave. He gave him water and his share of food. shephered Disguised king
  3. 3.  The king stayed in the cave at night. He was very impressed by his hospitality and wise conversation. Next morning, the king was ready to go back. He thanked the Shepherd by saying, “Many thanks for your kindness to a poor traveler. I have a long way to go. Permit me to leave.” The Shepherd was able to find that he was none other but the king himself. The king was astonished as well as pleased. The king was very surprised. The king appointed him as the Governor of a small district.
  4. 4. Now the Shepherd possessed power and respect. But he was very humble and soft as before. People honoured him for this. The Shepherd as a governor became very popular in the whole country. When the governors of other districts come to know about his popularity, they began to feel jealous of him and they always talked to the king against him. They told him that he was dishonest and always kept his share from the taxes which he collected from the people. They also told the king that the Shepherd governor had an iron chest in which he kept his treasure.
  5. 5. •The king called the Shepherd governor to his palace. He himself had seen an iron chest. The Shepherd governor came on a camel with his famous iron chest on the back of the camel. •When the king saw the Shepherd governor with his iron chest he was very angry and asked “Why do you always carry that iron chest with you? What does it contain?”
  6. 6. At this the Shepherd governor laughed and asked the servant to bring his iron chest. People alongwith the king were waiting. When the chest was opened, everyone present there was surprised. The reason was that the iron chest did not consist any treasure but a very old blanket. The Shepherd said that it was his only treasure. And he carries it everywhere wherever he goes.  The king asked the Shepherd why he carried such an old blanket. The governor replied, “This blanket is my oldest friend. It will still protect me, if any time, your majesty should wish to take away my new cloaks.” 
  7. 7.  The jealous governors were embarrassed, but the king was very pleased. He came to know that he was very humble and wise. Now the king made him Governor of a district bigger than before from that day.