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6 taro's reward


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6 taro's reward

  1. 1. From our childhood we are listening stories about kings and queens and some quality heroes. Here it is given a Japanese folk tale. Taro was a poor young woodcutter. His father had a wish to take sake in the old age. Taro felt sad and went to forest chopping woods. He heard the sound of the waterfall and went in the same direction. He got the sake there and filled his pitcher and came home.
  2. 2. His father sipped it and delighted. A visitor came to Taro’s home the same day. Taro offered the sake to her and acquainted her about the whole story of the magical sake. The lady spread the story in the whole village. The next morning, all the villagers assembled there with their vessels.
  3. 3. They thought that we are deceived by Taro. They made a plan to beat Taro but he hid himself behind a huge rock. After going of the villagers he reached to the waterfall . He tested it again and again still it was the same fine sake. Story reached the emperor and he rewarded Taro for his obedient nature.