Sucessful Jive adoption


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A walk through of NVISH Solutions Services around Jive SBS software .

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  • Jive Apps can be a significant asset in your attempt to leverage Jive fully. Like any important enterprise technology, value multiplies when it is integrated with other enterprise and third part services. Trick is using Jive right. More at
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Sucessful Jive adoption

  1. 1. “Facilitate successful Jive adoption”
  2. 2. NVISH SOLUTIONS INC. © 2010 All rights reserved What is Jive? Slide 2 Jive SBS integrates the functionality of online communities, micro blogging, social networking, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, and IM under one unified user interface. Multiple Collaborations Internal – Organization Communities External - Market Communities
  3. 3. NVISH SOLUTIONS INC. © 2010 All rights reserved Collaborate - What and Why? Slide 3 Website Social Media Multiple Collaboration Mobile Direction & Timelines Active engagement Performance metrics Social Presence Social Media Challenges?? Collaborate to Increase ROI communication gap information overload non availability of central dashboard
  4. 4. NVISH SOLUTIONS INC. © 2010 All rights reserved Jive – Social Business Software at a Glance Slide 4 Source: Jive Software 80 For whom is Jive SBS for? How do they access it? How do they find info? How is SBS deployed? What intelligence can they gather? Employees, Customers and Partners Rich Profiles Corporate Directory Colleagues & Connections Interests & Expertise Custom Groups Structured Spaces Projects Personal Storage Blogs Discussions Documents Polls Videos Microblogs Wiki Docs Ratings Socialize Create Organize HostedCloud On-Premise Sentiment AnalysisAnalytics Social Media Monitoring EmailBrowsers Mobile Other Systems CategoriesSearch Bookmarks Tags Dashboard How do they collaborate & communicate?
  5. 5. NVISH SOLUTIONS INC. © 2010 All rights reserved Collaboration Software Benefits  Real time Communication  Wider Organizational alignment  Improves employee performance  Enhance informal learning  Enhanced business quality  Next generation communication channels  Improved Process Planning  Boost product innovation  Products and services promotion  Visibility within the organization Slide 5
  6. 6. NVISH SOLUTIONS INC. © 2010 All rights reserved NVISH-Jive Services Suite Slide 6 Pre - Implementation •Business Consulting •Technology Consulting Implementation •Installation •Configuration •Integration •Migration •Customization Post-Implementation •Support & Maintenance •Web Analytics •Social media mgt •Jive Adoption •Jive Engagement •Optimize Jive Experience Development Services •Customized App Development •Customized reports and web analytics dashboard •Community – level Engagement
  7. 7. NVISH SOLUTIONS INC. © 2010 All rights reserved NVISH Expertise  Exhaustive experience in Jive SaaS(Software as a Service) and In-Premise model  Smooth transition accomplished without any downtime  Handled migration of more than 4 million threads  Cost benefits  Industry best practices followed  Experience in Migration from SaaS to In-Premise Jive  As per need engagement model – pay as per need  Vast experience in post implementation support  Experience with various versions of Jive Slide 7
  8. 8. Thanks Website: │ E-Mail: │ Fax : (+1)-866-583-9527 81 Oxford St. London W1D2EU, United Kingdom Phone : (+44)-207-993-4843 NVISH UK OFFICENVISH USA OFFICE 5201, Great America Pkwy, Suite 320 Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone : (+1)-408-730-2615 NVISH INDIA OFFICE DLF Info City First Floor, Tower E Chandigarh Technology Park, Chandigarh 160101 Phone: (+91)-172-433-7702