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Top 5 AI and Deep Learning Stories - October 26, 2018


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Read this week's top 5 news updates in deep learning and AI: NVIDIA and Carnegie Mellon announce a partnership to help disaster relief; NVIDIA and Scripps Research partner to advance AI for disease prediction; learn how GPUs will help your deep learning platform; MIT research showcases AI and human collaboration; NVIDIA publishes first-ever self-driving safety report.

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Top 5 AI and Deep Learning Stories - October 26, 2018

  1. 1. Insights into the new computing model DEEP LEARNING TOP 5 October 26, 2018
  4. 4. TOP 5 DEEP LEARNING STORIES 1. NVIDIA and Carnegie Mellon partnership will create AI technologies to help during disasters. 2. NVIDIA, Scripps Research partner to advance AI for disease prediction. 3. How GPUs will help your deep learning platform. 4. MIT research project showcases how AI and humans can work together creatively. 5. NVIDIA publishes its first self-driving safety report.
  5. 5. NVIDIA AND CARNEGIE MELLON PARTNERSHIP WILL CREATE AI TECHNOLOGIES TO HELP DURING DISASTERS On Tuesday, Oct. 23. at the GPU Technology Conference in Washington D.C. NVIDIA Vice President of Accelerated Computing Ian Buck announced a partnership between NVIDIA and Carnegie Mellon University to create AI technologies that can help during disasters. “We’re now in the age of AI, where every industry will be enabled and powered by AI,” Buck told an audience of more than 2,000 developers, entrepreneurs, and federal employees. 1 Source: READ ARTICLE
  6. 6. NVIDIA, SCRIPPS RESEARCH PARTNER TO ADVANCE AI FOR DISEASE PREDICTION NVIDIA and the Scripps Research Translational Institute announced that they will be partnering to advance the use of artificial intelligence for early disease prediction and prevention. “Medical imaging is a powerful diagnostic tool. Think about the prevention of disease or the prediction of risk of disease in the first place.” 2 Source: LEARN MORE
  7. 7. WHY GPUS WILL HELP YOUR DEEP LEARNING PLATFORM Understand how deep learning can transform your platform with the adoption of GPUs to capture a greater variety of data and mine bigger data for your company. SAS and NVIDIA have teamed up to work together to help optimize SAS deep learning scalability. “Early access to hardware and libraries and having access to NVIDIA engineers and developers has been a huge advantage. We get the benefit of their insight and experience.” 3 Source: READ MORE
  8. 8. MIT RESEARCH PROJECT SHOWCASES HOW AI AND HUMANS CAN WORK TOGETHER CREATIVELY. The MIT Media Lab gathered a group of researchers to oversee a variety of creative AI-human collaborations to see if AI can inspire humans to create things they never would’ve come up. Using AI to combine odd ingredients on a pizza that taste great together can bring fun to the AI world. “We don’t want to just take what AI created and bring it to life. We want to use our own knowledge and bring our own contributions into reality. AI is something you shouldn’t be afraid of. It’s just an algorithm you can collaborate with and be inspired by.” 4 Source: READ MORE
  9. 9. INTEGRATING AI INTO CUSTOMER FACING APPLICATIONS NVIDIA published its Self-Driving Safety Report presenting the development process and how the company harnesses graphic processing units (GPUs) to create self-driving systems. “…NVIDIA makes safety our first priority. And we have integrated it into every step of the development process. NVIDIA continues to work with the wide and diverse ecosystem as well as regulators to share knowledge and formulate standards for this budding technology.” 5 Source: LEARN MORE
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