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Smart Cities in the AI Era

How artificial intelligence will power the infrastructure of smart cities, from traffic flow to public safety.

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Smart Cities in the AI Era

  1. 1. Smart Cities in the AI Era
  2. 2. AI can solve problems that seemed well beyond our reach just a few years back. From real-world data, computers can learn to recognize patterns too complex, too massive or too subtle for hand-crafted software. Analyze Visualize Accelerate 1
  3. 3. AI will create thinking, breathing cities. Meaningful insights, delivered reliably and accurately, will enable everything from traffic intersections to retail stores, to be personalized. 2
  4. 4. Smart, connected cities powered by AI will serve the greater good with predictive infrastructure. Public safety will be improved. We’ll be able to take action when there’s an accident, a pet or child is lost, or someone is experiencing harm. 3
  5. 5. 4 Utilities can manage energy resources. “Turn energy data into actionable information through the use of sensors and the streams.” – GE Research Read More
  6. 6. “There are tech firms that already are in the process of designing cities and are hiring coders and all other realms of tech folk, but not engaging with urban planners or designers. We are on the verge of a disruption.“ Hear more on The AI podcast Listen Now 5 -Lynn Richards, President and CEO, Congress for New Urbanism) As with other industries, AI Cities are driven by disruption…
  7. 7. The development of AI cities is already anticipated to be one of the top enterprise trends in 2017 … Read More 6
  8. 8. AI and Deep Learning will Improve Traffic Flow Miovision Labs is composed of a team of technologists and product strategists focused on the future of traffic. Its research will help cities make sense of the vast amounts of traffic data becoming available to cities and use that data to fuel smart city applications in traffic and beyond. Read More SMARTCITIESWORLD 7
  9. 9. TomTom Opens Smart Traffic Centre The traffic centre features multiple high- resolution screens that show how GPS data is fused to create the latest traffic information, and visualize congested hotspots. Read More SMARTCITIESWORLD
  10. 10. Ford Sees Autonomous Vehicles as Key Cog of Smart City Their vision of the smart city includes autonomous and electric vehicles, ride-sharing platforms, and connected cars that swap data with infrastructure. Read More ZDNET 9
  11. 11. Smart City Tech Growing in the US “2016 was when a lot of cities and their leadership got active around wanting to become smarter, but 2017 is the year we’ll see cities move from the project phase to building out a holistic framework for smart technology.” – Mike Zeto, General Manager of the AT&T Smart Cities Read More COMPUTERWORLD 10
  12. 12. How will AI advance your business? LEARN MORE

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How artificial intelligence will power the infrastructure of smart cities, from traffic flow to public safety.


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