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OpenACC Highlights - March


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Learn about OpenACC at GTC 2017, tutorials, articles, and upcoming events happening in March.

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OpenACC Highlights - March

  2. 2. OpenACC is a directives- based programming approach to parallel computing designed for performance and portability on CPUs and GPUs.
  3. 3. PERFORMANCE PORTABLE PROGRAMMING MODEL FOR HPC Powerful LSDALTON Simulation of molecular energies 1.0x 11.7x CPU GPU Big Performance CCSD(T) Module, Alanine-3 Titan System: AMD CPU vs Tesla K20X SpeedupvsCPU Simple Portable main() { <serial code> #pragma acc kernels { <parallel code> } } Add Simple Compiler Hint ARM PEZY POWER Sunway x86 CPU x86 Xeon Phi NVIDIA GPU Quicker Development Lines of Code Modified <100 Lines # of Weeks Required 1 Week
  4. 4. Learn what’s new with OpenACC this month
  5. 5. OPENACC IN ACTION AT GTC 2017 20 Talks COMPLETE SCHEDULE 4 Tutorials 6 Posters 1 User Group Meeting Featured Talks Link OpenACC Best Practices: Accelerating the C++ NUMECA FINE/Open CFD Solver Read More Achieving Portable Performance for GTC-P with OpenACC on GPU, Multi-Core CPU, and Sunway Many-Core Processor Read more GPUs Unleashed: Analysis of Petascale Molecular Simulations with VMD Read more Ocean Circulation on GPUs Read more
  6. 6. RESOURCES  Paper: An MPI/OpenACC Implementation of a High- Order Electromagnetics Solver with GPUDirect Communication “Performance results using up to 16,384 GPUs of the Cray XK7 supercomputer Titan show more than 2.5× speedup over CPU-only performance on the same number of nodes (262,144 MPI ranks) for problem sizes of up to 6.9 billion grid points.” DOWNLOAD NOW  Tutorial: Michael Wolfe’s newest tutorial video Asynchronous Data Transfers and Pinned Memory with OpenACC WATCH NOW
  7. 7.  Fernanda Foertter from ORNL describes how GPU Hackathons are helping scientists bring HPC to their applications. Read more> ARTICLES AND BLOG POSTS  Share Your Science Video Interview: Researchers at University of Michigan are using GPUs and OpenACC to accelerate the codes for their data-driven physics simulations. Read more>  Juelich GPU Hackathon Blog. Read more>  KAUST Hackathon results are in! Read more>
  8. 8. CALL FOR PAPERS EVENT DUE DATE LINK 2nd International Workshop on Performance Portable Programming Models for Accelerators April 3, 2017 ma2017/ NASA GPU Hackathon May 31, 2017 event/2017-gpu-hackathons/
  9. 9. UPCOMING EVENTS EVENT & LOCATION DATE LINK XSEDE OpenACC Workshop, 15 sites in USA March 30, 2017 users/training/2529-xsede-hpc- workshop-march-30-2017-openacc Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY June 5 - 9, 2017 OpenACC User Group Meeting, GTC, San Jose, CA May 8, 2017 openacc-user-group-meeting- gtc2017-tickets-32863873731 2nd P3MA Workshop ISC, Frankfurt, Germany June 22, 2017 3ma2017/ NASA GPU Hackathon Aug 21 - 25, 2017 event/2017-gpu-hackathons