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Dr.Shikha Sharma(one of the leading nutritionist in India) explains you the difference between crash and scientific weight loss. Get an idea how to loose extra weight, ideal ways to loose body weight, role of herbs in maintaining fitness.

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  1. 1. WEIGHT LOSS ( SCIENTIFIC AND CRASH DIETS) Weight loss is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass. It can be achieved intentionally or unintentionally. Intentional weight loss is achieved for weight reduction whereas unintentional weight loss generally occurs due to any disease condition. There are two ways a person can lose weight i.e. by crash diet or by Scientific method. Crash diets are those diets which help to reduce more weight in less time period. There are many crash diet plans available in the market some of them are Atkins plan, GM plan, grapefruit plan etc. But nutritionally these plans are not safe, because these plans make an individual starve, make metabolic rate sluggish and they cannot fulfill the nutritional requirement. Other than this after following these plan weight rebound easily. Apart from crash diets some people take pills for weight reduction, but it is not also not a safe method. Because an individual cannot take pills for their whole life and when ever pills are withdrawn there is a rebound weight gain. Scientific weight loss is the safe method for losing weight. In scientific weight loss an individual lose weight under the guidance of the well qualified nutritionists and doctors. The doctors and nutritionists plan a diet according to the physiological state of the body, while the crash diet does not consider any physiological condition. Scientific weight loss is a slow process of losing weight in healthy manner. In this an individual can lose 2 -2.5 kg in a month. These diet help in boosting metabolic rate. Scientific weight loss are not achieved only through balanced diet, it also include light exercise, yoga and some herbs. There are many herbs which can help in enhancing weight loss when a balanced diet and a decent, slowly accelerated exercise plan are both followed. Also, these herbs can help in improving blood sugar control, metabolism and body composition. They may also help in preventing long periods of no weight loss, or the "plateau effect," that can be quite frustrating. Herbs play an important role in weight loss. Some herbs act on digestion, metabolism, or appetite to impact weight loss. Certain substances can increase thermogenesis, or metabolism, which may lead to weight loss. But these herbs can be taken under the guidance of a professional. Herbs like green tea, fennel, fenugreek seed, licorice, cumin etc. help in losing weight as well as increase metabolic rate and digestion. It also removes excess of body water which causes water retention and weight gain. These herbs not only reduce weight but also strengthen immune system. Herbs help to reduce stress, which is the major cause of obesity in developing countries. The one thing which we do not know about our body is its own power of healing. We have to boost our immune system which can be achieved by balanced diet, light exercise, yoga and herbs and then the body can do his work to get the better health.