Overview: PSLDI Region Projects


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National Urban Fellows' Senior Advisor and Consultant Sarah S. Lewis provides a summary of the Regional Projects being undertaken by the Public Service Leadership Diviersity Initiative.

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Overview: PSLDI Region Projects

  1. 1. NATIONAL URBAN FELLOWS PUBLIC SERVICE LEADERSHIP DIVERSITY INITIATIVE: REGIONAL PROJECTS 2012 NATIONAL SUMMITSarah S. LewisSenior Advisor and ConsultantPublic Service Leadership Diversity InitiativeNational Urban Fellows
  2. 2. Public Service Leadership DiversityInitiative  Launched 2010  Catalyzed by NUF’s 40th anniversary research in 2008-2009  A Call to Action to build national and regional movements to increase diversity and inclusion in the public sector (non-profit, philanthropic, and government institutions)
  3. 3. Public Service Leadership Diversity Initiative Theory of Change: The most pressing social issues facing the nation can be more effectively addressed by creating a new paradigm of inclusive leadership. Three Areas of Focus (Pillars):  Awareness: Inclusive Leadership Model; Research & Best Practices/Systems; Mentoring/Networking (“Metworking™”)  Talent Pipeline: LinkedIn-Supported Platform  Representation: Diversity Counts Report
  4. 4. Building a Movement:Inclusive Public Service Leadership  Create/promote clear imperative for moral and business case  Identify structural/systemic barriers and advocate for solutions  Model and support operational use of inclusive leadership practices  Produce and disseminate research on leadership diversity and excellence  Increase representation of people of color in top public service leadership roles
  5. 5. Building a Movement:Inclusive Public Service Leadership Catalyst:  Products & Outcomes  Forums  Reports & Publications:  Research & Reporting  Diversity Counts Report (2012)  Advancing Diversity – a Guide to Leading  More than 125 orgs Change {w/NYU Wagner} (2011) Convener:  Strategic Action Plan and Research Report (2011)  Activate national network of  Best Practice Models: leading public sector  Inclusive Leadership Model (Training & organizations Assessment)  Nine city regional networks  Metworking™ Model for Mentoring and Networking Coordinator:  Talent Network  Expand national & regional  LinkedIn-powered talent matching and engagement leadership diversity online community
  6. 6. The Regional Networks 2010-11: Summits in  Nine PSLDI Regional each region convening Networks: leading public sector  Atlanta stakeholders  Chicago  Detroit Each Summit posed the  Jackson question: What does  Los Angeles each city need to  Miami change the landscape of  New York City diversity and inclusion in  Philadelphia the public sector?  Seattle
  7. 7. The Regional Networks: Projects Atlanta: Emerging Immigrant  Los Angeles: New American Leadership and Cross-Cultural Leaders Leadership Circles  Miami: Civic Engagement Chicago: Leadership Training  New York: Boards and Access, Black-Latino Coalition Commissions Building  Philadelphia: Diversity Detroit: Influencer Representation and Training Communications Campaign Asset Mapping Jackson: Youth Leadership  Seattle: LinkedInTalent Network Diversity Pilot
  8. 8. The Regional Networks: Projects Led by regional Co-Chairs with ongoing support from NUF National (NYC) Unique projects in each city, crafted to meet local needs and challenges around diversity and inclusion Each region develops own case statement and project action plan Inclusive of organizations from across the local public service spectrum End goals: self-sustaining projects with continued support from NUF National
  9. 9. National Urban Fellows989 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 400 New York, NY 10018 212.730.1700 www.nuf.org www.publicserviceleaders.org