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Digital revolution n tikhomirova


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Digital revolution n tikhomirova

  1. 1. Digital Revolution, or How to Use Modern Information Technologies for Empowering Women’s Participation in the University Management and Attaining SuccessNatalia TikhomirovaRector of MESI, Dr. Sc., Professor
  2. 2. United Nations: Beijing Declaration 1995 “Womens empowerment and their full participation on the basis of equalityin all spheres of society, including participation in the decision-making process and access to power, are fundamental for the achievement of equality, development and peace”.
  3. 3. Competitive advantages of women in job placement Women are more loyal to employersThey are less inclined to change their workplace (one of the key benefits of female candidates for employers)Diligence and willingness to work for a small fee Career success factors are activity, initiative, and ability to be on good terms with company’s leadership PwC Russia. Russian Managers Association. March 2012
  4. 4. 43% of respondents cited capacity for work and diligence as competitive advantages of women!PwC RussiaRussian Managers AssociationMarch 2012
  5. 5. In 27 countries of the European Union 59% of graduates are womenonly 18% of professors are women and only in 9% of HEIs women hold senior management positionsTo get more information - European Commission’s SHE figures
  6. 6. Companies with over 30% women at the top perform better. This happens because women use different leadership behaviors than men.From "Women Matter” reports
  7. 7. What has appearedin the modern world?
  8. 8. Our reality Information Knowledge Smart society society society Changing educational environment Students different from us (Next generation)
  9. 9. What kind of challenges arise in the Information Society? Technological revolution determines the establishmentDevelopment of a new type of society, of new namely Information Society.approaches tomanagement system is Global economy framework is required! changing dramatically within the process of Information Society establishment. At the same time borders between countries and people are being erased.
  10. 10. Challenges of the Information Society Building a global information space Increasing role of Growing number of information, people involved in the development of Developing knowledge, and information informatization of information technologies, products, societytechnologies in the life of society and services
  11. 11. Modern Internet resources used for improvement of manager’s communications effectiveness PCs in network Chats,News subscription, video- messengers channels Video communications Mobile phones E-books, social bookmarking Cloud services Communities, blogs E-games and virtual worlds
  12. 12. Global Internet system as e-communication tool for a manager Facebook Twitter Google + - social LinkedIn – business network social networkFlickr Foursquare – geolocation Odnoklassinki Blogger.comSkype Vkontakte Russian analogue Russian analogue to Facebook Virtual worlds to Facebook
  13. 13. Social network service as a tool for a modern manager Network nature of creative activityStorage of documents File sharing Always at hand –anywhere in the world Communication, support, and social contacts development Individual and collective planning
  14. 14. Manager’s tools are available  from a workplace  from a laptop  from a tablet computer  from a mobile phone
  15. 15. “Digital news”: convenient, affordable, modern, and cheap! 34% read news using mobile 17% read news phones or PCs using tablet computers 5% read news using gadgets 27% read news using smartphones and tablet computersPEW RESERCH CENTER’S FOR EXCELLENCE IN JORNALLISM 2012 STATE OF THE NEW MEDIA
  16. 16. Digital communications of a modern manager Storage servicesInternet messengersEstablishment of business Joint use contacts
  17. 17. Risks of digital communications Vast amount of information and contacts, but lack of time for it’s processing and thoughtful communication; Discrepancy of high speed, amount of information, desired speed of information assimilation, and implementation of received information; Flexible work regardless time, place, and work schedule; Blurring of boundaries between work and leisure; Digital revolution largely balances personal and gender factors.
  18. 18. Advantages of digital communications Possibility to extend the implementation of management functions and to cover all levels of management; More qualitative and complete control and analysis, including statistical and financial ones for management decision making; Possibility to use a large number of knowledge databases for decision making; Efficient delivery of data for operational management decision making; Access to work materials and data from anywhere; Openness, accessibility, relevance, and efficiency; Possibility for vigorous career development; Opportunities for expanding contacts; New opportunities for self-positioning; Possibility for confidence boost of children and families by demonstrating them modernity through communication with application of modern technology; Ability to work and to manage from any place and at any time by strengthening family and family ties; Transparency of main management processes allows to make right and operative decisions; Reduction of support staff and routine work.
  19. 19. Management of a university integrated into the information environment Instrumental and methodological support of educational process in the electronic distribution of university; Communicative integrated system of organization of teaching/learning process; Communicative integrated system of human resources management in joint information environment; Instrumental and methodical implementation of synergy effects of the university management; Financial management in a electronic distributed (umbrella) university.
  20. 20. Rector’s resources!/NTihomirova The portal available for MESI staff members:
  21. 21. Universities are pleased to use the external applicationsThe most popular of them are those which: Facilitate the organizational issues; Allow students and faculty to exchange ideas and researches; Eliminate the need to print and buy the pile of books (for example, Google Reader allows to add (comment, reduce, etc.) the books to eBook readers; Help teachers in the lectures digital transmission to students. Students, in turn, can scan the printed documents (JotNot Pro application).
  22. 22. The main development trends 2010-20131. Promotion of the human resources mobility.2. he work place is increasingly immersed into the digital space.3. Improving of the communication channels.4. Elaboration of new service segments.5. Governmental regulation of the practice for application of new technologies.6. Regional development.7. Knowledge mobility: the tendency to the permanent acceleration of operative knowledge upgrade.8. Enhancing the role of informal learning.9. The development of opportunities for social learning.10. Online games as a learning tool.11. Living in a digital world.12. Blurring boundaries between people, companies, and countries.13. Mobility of knowledge.14. The development of additional opportunities.
  23. 23. What should be changed in the university management? Alteration of technologies, business processes, both formal and informal relationships between people; The emergence of a new corporate culture; Changing of management practices; Changing of techniques for individual work; A new management model is global network; organization management based on information technologies; Acceleration of the pace for decision-making through easily accessible and quickly updated data.
  24. 24. Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI)Moscow State University for Economics, Statistics andInformatics (MESI), founded in 1932, nowadays is one of theleading innovative institutions of higher education in Russiawith rich experience and strong tradition of staff training forthe economy of Russia and foreign countries.Fields of expertise: Institute of Computer Technologies Institute of Economics and Finance Institute of Management Institute of Law and Humanities Institute of Master Programs
  25. 25. MESI today• 80 years of experience in staff development;• a new-style higher education institution: research and innovative educational establishment and e-university;• educational services sharpened at the international level;• highly qualified faculty and administrative staff;• employment of modern teaching/learning methods and information and communication technologies (ICT) and extensive use of modern software and educational resources;• the 5th rank among top 100 Russian higher education institutions in economics (according to the Federal Agency for Education).
  26. 26. MESI TodayThe founder of three periodicals:• Open Education;• eLearning World;• Economics, Statistics and Informatics (The Bulletin of Teaching Association)
  27. 27. MESI Today The holder of the “European quality” gold medal in the nomination “One Hundred Best Higher Education Establishments” competition organized by the International Academy of Quality and Marketing and the Independent Social Council at the initiative of the special committees of the State Duma and the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
  28. 28. High technologies are applied in teaching/learning processApplications help students :- to get quick and easy access to study materials, their grades, sports results, etc.;- to get University fresh news on the phone (academic, social, sport);- to create an account in the university social network as well as to get access to the personal account;- to have continuous access to the library catalog, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of teachers;- to use the convenient navigator in the e-campus.
  29. 29. What it means for women-managers? Companies with more Modern than 30% of women in society the management work better, as women’s management style differs Woman from the men’s one. Modern top-university manager
  30. 30. Readiness to respondto the changing world is an attribute of modern and mobile person.
  31. 31. Continuous development and further training is not a diet but a lifestyleManagers should: learn constantly; study in different places and in number of ways; lifelong learning from their own mistakes and the others ones, including from their competitors; learn from those who really knows something; learn not because you like to do this but because it is the only way to success.
  32. 32. Benefits for women-managers Less importance of genderin the digital world Mobility and flexibility University Possibility to track all processes in the university from anywhere Easy access to renewable and reliable data as a basis for intelligent decision making Comfortable communicating with family, friends and colleagues in any place
  33. 33. Business Club “Women of Future Russia” The club unites business women from different spheres of activities: successful top and finance managers, bankers, entrepreneurs as well as representatives of creative elite of our country – well-known producers, journalist and scientists. Business club“Women of Future Russia”is an open community and we are always glad to see new members. You are welcome!
  34. 34. Questions for reflection What further changes will occur in the education system and labor market? How will expansion of IT impact on the development of universities? How will a leader’s work modify due to the digital revolution? How will change a student, his/her view of the world, knowledge, vision of university and future work? How will women respond to the challenges of the digital world?
  35. 35. TIKHOMIROVA Natalia www.mesi.ru