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Selected list of e-books in Chemistry


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A list of e-books in Chemistry available at Nanyang Technological University Library.

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Selected list of e-books in Chemistry

  1. 1. Selected List of e-books in ChemistryListed below are some of the e-books for chemistry. Please note that this list is not comprehensive. Clickon the titles to open the e-book. 1. Aromaticity in Heterocyclic Compounds 2. Current protocols in nuclei acid chemistry 3. E-EROS: Encyclopedia of reagents for organic synthesis 4. Femtosecond laser pulses: principles and experiments 5. Physical chemistry in depth 6. Science of synthesis: Houben-Weyl methods of molecular transformations 7. Analytical Techniques in Combinatorial Chemistry 8. Heterocyclic Chemistry (4th Edition) 9. Understanding Our Environment - An Introduction to Environmental Chemistry and Pollution (3rd Edition) 10. Name Reactions - A Collection of Detailed Reaction Mechanisms (2nd edition) 11. Chemical Physics of Nanostructured Semiconductors 12. Handbook of Weather, Climate, and Water - Atmospheric Chemistry, Hydrology, and Societal Impacts 13. Surfaces of Nanoparticles and Porous Materials 14. Electroanalytical Chemistry 15. Yaws Thermophysical Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons (Electronic Edition) 16. Advances in the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Systems: Dynamics, Spectroscopy, Clusters, and Nanostructures 17. Templates in Chemistry III 18. Physical Chemistry in Depth 19. Transformation Products of Synthetic Chemicals in the Environment 20. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 44 : Modelling and Numerical Simulations II 21. Radioactive Particles in the Environment 22. Physicochemical Behavior and Supramolecular Organization of Polymers 23. Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Durability 24. Biochemical Applications of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy 25. Anthracycline Chemistry and Biology II : Mode of Action, Clinical Aspects and New DrugsCreated by Frank Seah for Chemistry Subject Room on 8 July 2010All Rights Reserved. NTU Library Page 1