Selected E-books Chemical and Biomedical Engineering 2012


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A list of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering e-books available at Nanyang Technological University Library, Singapore.

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Selected E-books Chemical and Biomedical Engineering 2012

  1. 1. Selected E-books for Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Title Author/Editor Year1 An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Transport Hauke, G. 2008 Phenomena2 Applied biofluid mechanics Waite, Lee & 2007 Fine, Jerry Michael3 Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Rice, Richard G 1995 Engineers4 Batch processes Korovessi, Ekaterini 2006 & Linninger, Andreas A.5 Biomedical Materials Narayan, Roger 20096 Chemical process equipment: selection and design Couper, James R.; 2010 3rd ed. Penney, W. Roy; Fair, James R.; Walas, Stanley M7 Chemical process performance evaluation Ferhan Kayihan , Ali 2007 Cinar & Ahmet Palazoglu8 Chemical Reactions and Processes under Flow Luis, Santiago V; 2009 Conditions Garcia-Verdugo, Eduardo.9 Chemical Reactor Modeling: Multiphase Reactive Jakobsen, Hugo A. 2008 Flows10 Chemistry and molecular aspects of drug design Rekka, E. A. & 2008 and action Kourounakis, P. N.11 Computational Methods for Sensor Material Ryan, Margaret A., 2009 Selection Shevade, Abhijit V., Taylor, Charles J., Homer, M. L., Blanco, Mario & Stetter, Joseph R.12 English for Biomedical Scientists Ribes, Ramón; 2009 Iannarelli,Palma & Duarte, Rafael F.Updated by Alexis for Chemical & Biomedical Engineering on 4 March 2012All Rights Reserved. NTU Library
  2. 2. Title Author/Editor Year13 Environmental Technology in the Oil Industry Orszulik, Stefan T. 200814 Essentials of Mathematica : With Applications to Boccara, Nino. 2007 Mathematics and Physics15 Fundamentals and applications of modern flow Joslin, Ronald D.; 2009 control Miller, Daniel N16 Green chemistry and processes Doble, Mukesh 200717 High-throughput analysis in the pharmaceutical Wang, Perry G. 2009 industry18 Hybrid Nanocomposites for Nanotechnology : Merhadi, Lhadi. 2009 Electronic, Optical, Magnetic and Biomedical Applications19 Inherently safer chemical processes : a life cycle Center for Chemical 2009 approach Process Safety20 Intelligent Systems in Oil Field Development under Pacheco, Marco A.C. 2009 Uncertainty & Vellasco, Marley M.B.R.21 Introduction to biomedical engineering : Christensen, Douglas 2009 biomechanics and bioelectricity. Part I A.22 Liquid Separations with Membranes: An Böddeker, Karl 2008 introduction to barrier interference Wilhelm.23 Microarrays : Preparation, Microfluidics, Detection Dill, Kilian; Liu, 2009 Methods, and Biological Applications Robin Hui & Grodzinski, Piotr24 Model Predictive Control System Design and Wang, Liuping 2009 Implementation Using MATLAB®25 Nanotechnology applications for clean water Savage, Nora 200926 Numerical computation of internal and external Hirsch, Charles 2007 flows : fundamentals of computational fluid dynamics 2nd ed.Updated by Alexis for Chemical & Biomedical Engineering on 4 March 2012All Rights Reserved. NTU Library
  3. 3. Title Author/Editor Year27 Perrys chemical engineers handbook 8th ed. Green, Don W.; Perry, 2008 Robert H.28 Safety and security review for the process Nolan, Dennis P. 2008 industries : application of HAZOP, PHA and What- If reviews 2nd ed.29 Solid/liquid separation : equipment selection and Tarleton, E. S. 2007 process design30 Spectroscopy and modeling of biomolecular Schermann, Jean- 2008 building blocks Pierre31 Thermodynamics : principles characterizing Honig, J.M. 2007 physical and chemical processes 3rd ed.32 Ullmanns Chemical Engineering and Plant Design, Ullmann, Fritz 2005 Volumes 1-2Updated by Alexis for Chemical & Biomedical Engineering on 4 March 2012All Rights Reserved. NTU Library