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List of EEE e-books in NTU Library


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List of EEE e-books in NTU Library

  1. 1. Selected E-books for Electrical and Electronic EngineeringA selection of e-books on a variety of topics related to electrical and electronicengineering. Click the title to access the e-book directly. 1. Wind energy : renewable energy and the environment 2. Hitting the wall : a vision of a secure energy future 3. Nanoscale MOS transistors : semi-classical transport and applications 4. Superlattice to nanoelectronics 5. VLSI micro- and nanophotonics : science, technology, and applications 6. Nano-CMOS design for manufacturabililty : robust circuit and physical design for sub-65 nm technology nodes 7. Ultra-fast fiber lasers : principles and applications with MATLAB models 8. Silicon Photonics II : Components and Integration 9. The industrial electronics handbook. Power electronics and motor drives 10. Fuel cells : modeling, control, and applications 11. AC power systems handbook 12. Advanced DC/DC converters 13. Decision Diagram Techniques for Micro- and Nanoelectronic Design Handbook 14. Digital power electronics and applications 15. EDA for IC implementation, circuit design, and process technology 16. Electric power distribution reliability 17. Electric relays: principles and applications 18. Electric power transformer engineering 19. ESD protection device and circuit design for advanced CMOS technologies 20. Essential DC/DC Converters 21. Feedback, nonlinear, and distributed circuits 22. Modelling Photovoltaic Systems Using PSpice 23. Nanolithography and patterning techniques in microelectronics 24. Power Systems in Emergencies - From Contingency Planning to Crisis ManagementUpdated by Padmaja Muralidharan for Electrical & Electronic Subject Room on 5 October 2011All Rights Reserved. NTU Library
  2. 2. 25. Practical guide to the packaging of electronics : thermal and mechanical design and analysis 26. Protection of electricity distribution networks 27. Renewable Energy Storage - Its Role in Renewables and Future Electricity Markets 28. Solar Hydrogen Generation: Toward a Renewable Energy Future 29. Steam Turbines for Modern Fossil-Fuel Power Plants 30. Superior-Order Curvature-Correction Techniques for Voltage References 31. Successful Instrumentation and Control Systems Design 32. Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro to NanoIf you have further questions, drop me an email at by Padmaja Muralidharan for Electrical & Electronic Subject Room on 5 October 2011All Rights Reserved. NTU Library