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Jodi Chambers CUES NTCUE Presentation


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Jodi Chambers' presentation for the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition in Dallas, November 2010

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Jodi Chambers CUES NTCUE Presentation

  1. 1. i CANADA FINALIST Jodi Chambers Director, Business Excellence Assiniboine Credit Union ($2.6B) Winnipeg, Manitoba
  2. 2. SHOP the Business Shopping Network
  3. 3. •Reduce errors •Speed up processing time •Strong team and culture •Engage employees
  4. 4. Gen Y Community Carbon Footprint
  5. 5.  Reduce time to provide US cash  Reduce loan deficiencies/errors  Eliminate duplicate loan searches for $120,000 annual savings  Reduce GHG emissions & save $40,000
  6. 6. How Did They Do It?
  8. 8. Lean Six Sigma Culture of continuous improvement ensuring work of the organization provides value to: •Members •Employees •Community and environment •Credit Union’s future sustainability
  9. 9. In God We Trust……… Everyone Else Bring Data
  10. 10. The Playbook
  11. 11. “What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done well, what gets rewarded gets repeated. John E. Jones
  12. 12. In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin And I think we can add CHANGE and snow at home in Winnipeg. Jodi Chambers
  13. 13. Coaches and Leaders create a culture where staff: •Embrace change •Contribute to change •Grow through training & development
  14. 14. Achieve your “goals”, through Lean Six Sigma!
  15. 15. i Q&A with Jodi Chambers