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2010 National Latin Exam Information


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Instructions for FLVS students on how to take the NLE.

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2010 National Latin Exam Information

  1. 1. 2010 National Latin Exam Information The 2010 National Latin Exam is scheduled to be administered the week of March 8-12. Packets will be mailed from Orlando around March 1. Each packet should contain your level of Latin exam, an answer sheet, a “blue sheet” for your parent/proctor, and a return envelope. Students are not allowed to look at the exam before March 8! Parents may check over the packet to make sure everything is there. Exams should be taken between March 8 and March 12. Please try to take the exam on March 8. If for some reason your packet arrives a day or so later, that’s OK. Just be sure to have your exam taken and mailed by Friday, March 12. The “blue sheet” contains important proctor instructions. However, they are written for a school setting so not everything is applicable in your situation. Please refer to the instructions on pages 2-3 of this handout for a convenient overview of how to take the test. The Latin Team at FLVS relies on the integrity of its students and parents to allow us to continue offering the NLE each year. We are privileged that the NLE administration allows us the opportunity to participate. We expect all students and parents to abide by the highest code of ethical conduct when taking/administering this exam. We wish all our wonderful Latin students the best of luck!
  2. 2. Instructions for Parents/Guardians Please read! 1. The exam should be taken between March 8-March 12. We prefer March 8 since the earlier it’s taken, the sooner we can receive scores. 2. The exam is timed. Students have 5 minutes to fill out the student information section. Students have 40 minutes to answer the actual exam questions. 3. Students must use a #2 pencil and mark their answers by completely filling in the bubbles. 4. No notes, books, or helps of any kind are allowed on this exam (closed book). Students are allowed the answer sheet, exam sheet, and a pencil. 5. To administer the exam to your student, follow the script on the blue sheet. You will be reading section 3 (Directions for Completing the Answer Sheet During the Testing Session) and section 4 (Directions for Administering the Exam). The “school code” is 2555. School name is “Florida Virtual School”. City name is “Orlando.” Teacher’s name is your student’s FLVS Latin teacher’s name. 6. Once the 40 minutes are up, fill in the appropriate information on the last page of the blue sheet: a. Your name b. Your position: you may write “parent/guardian proctor” c. School: Florida Virtual School d. State: Florida e. Date/Time Exam was given f. Signature—Remember to sign! 7. By signing the blue proctor sheet, you, the parent/guardian, certify that the rules were followed. 8. The answer sheet and blue sheet must be mailed back to the testing services the same day the exam is given! Please use the enclosed envelope with the testing center’s address. DO NOT MAIL TO FLVS!
  3. 3. (continued below) 9. After you have mailed the answer sheet and blue sheet, please put away the exam question sheet until March 16. After that, your student may have it. You do not have to send the exam to the teacher as stated in the blue sheet. 10. If any information on the student answer sheet or the blue sheet is missing or incorrect, the exam will not be scored by the testing service. Exams postmarked after March 12, 2010, will not be scored. Please contact Mrs. Nicole Sellers (407.563.1436) if you have any questions. Fortuna bona!