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Nsw crisis


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Nsw crisis

  1. 1. New South Wales PoliceDepartmentCatherine Bauerlein
  2. 2. Background History• Their roots date back to 1789• Currently operate under Police Act of 1990• Headquarted in Parramatta, New South Wales• Comparable to the size of Texas• Around 20,000 employees• 500 police stations• 30 languages
  3. 3. Services• Monitor and promote road safety• Maintain social order• Perform and coordinate emergency rescue operations• Traffic control• Intelligence analysis• Anti-terrorist negotiations
  4. 4. The Crisis• March 18, 2012 Roberto LaudisioCurti stole two packets of biscuits from a store• Police handcuffed him, used three cans of pepper spray, batons and tasered him 14 times• Pronounced dead at the scene
  5. 5. Crisis Details• Curti had taken a dose of LSD the day before the incident and was having an adverse reaction• Was said to be paranoid and have “super human strength”• Police were told he was armed even though he was unarmed
  6. 6. Crisis Details• Police said he was violently resisting arrest• Police did not place him in recovery position• Taser was ruled out for cause of death• Death could be because of the way he was positioned; could not breathe properly
  7. 7. Organizational Response• New South Wales police have very active social media pages but do not address this incident• No press releases• No news conference• No mention in their Police Monthly magazine• No mention in the media archive• Only quoted in articles ▫ Deny unjust actions ▫ No statements of remorse
  8. 8. Media Response• Local newspapers published numerous articles detailing the incident and trial updates• Worldwide (Huffington Post and ABC Online) also featured the story• Empathetic quotes from family and the assistance to the counsel in articles• Articles state facts from all parties but tone favors the victim and his family
  9. 9. Stakeholder Response• Public is using Youtube, Facebook, Petition and Twitter to voice opinions online ▫ Videos and comment sections ▫ Constant Twitter updates from journalists and supporters of the family• Family allowed the video release of Curti being tasered and dying• Facebook and Twitter pages both created for his justice• A petition to reform taser policy targeting NSW police has over 4,000 signatures
  10. 10. Stakeholder Response• Protest held in Brazil on steps of Australian consulate branding police as cowards• Online conversations are judgmental and hateful toward police• Demanding a policy reform
  11. 11. Recommendations• Desperate need for transparency• Police need to offer more condolences• Need to decide on tactics to voice their story and justify their actions ▫ Seem more personable• Police is ignoring the situation altogether and makes them appear guilty and remorseless• Need to work on communication: Unarmed vs armed and arrest tactics