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  1. 1. ShirtGear WholeSale Blank T-Shirt© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  2. 2. IntroductionAbout SVAGlobalLive URL: is a complete Ecommerce application where the users will be able to buythe various Products online. User will be able to register themselves and make theadvanced searching to search. The website contains the Group Products that will help theuser to make the order more perfectly.Also at administrator end the admin will be able to add the products and manage themaccording to the Brands, price, Categories etc. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  3. 3. IntroductionAudienceThe main target for the are the user who are very much interested to buythe online products at much effective cost. As in the today’s world the online shoppingbecoming a complete trend so the this was also the part for the same so the users will beable to buy the clothing products directly from the website at very much effective cost. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  4. 4. ScopeScopeThe project scope is to provide a platform to the client where he will be able to sell theirproducts online and the visitors to buy those products at very much effective cost.ShirtGear contains: shop by brands Categories Best seller Weekly specialTypes of products that a user make search accordingly and buy the same as per theirinterest. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  5. 5. FeaturesMain Features• CMS: CMS is integrated in the website so the administrator will easily be able to change the all content of the website and their users as well.• User Registration In the website there will be user registration facility is provided so that the usercan easily make their account and make use of online shopping.• Shopping Cart Shopping cart is also integrated on the website that will help the users to to buymore then one products at the same time. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  6. 6. FeaturesMain Features•Payment Method Gateway Also on the website Payment Method Gateway is installed that will help the usersto make the online payment. Below are the payment gateways used in the website:  PayPal Payment Gateway   COD (Cash on Delivery)• Listing and Searching of Products There are various types of searching and listings are on the like:  Shop By Category  Shop by Brand © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  7. 7. FeaturesMain Features• Listing and Searching of Products There are various types of searching and listings are on the like:  Shop By Category  Shop by Brand  Complete Website Searching  Best Sellers  Weekly Special  Advanced Searching © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  8. 8. Technology Stack Type Name Operating System Linux Web Server Apache Database MySQL Server Side Scripting PHP CMS/Framework Magento Client Side Scripting HTML, CSS, jQuery© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  9. 9. Thank YouNetSet Software Pvt. LtdEmpowering Innovation With Excellence!!www.netsetsoftware.comPhone: +91-172-6541211Email: © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd