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  1. 1. Kidsplit Happy Divorced Parents With Children© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  2. 2. IntroductionAbout KidsplitLive URL: URL : This project mainly designed to help the separated Parents to manage and raise their children with their divorced partner online. Kidsplit helps the divorced parents to manage the time, Custody, Visitation Exchanges, parenting Techniques and communicate online. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  3. 3. IntroductionAudienceThe separated or divorced parents will be the main audience for thiswebsite,beacause divorce is one of the most devasting event for any one whois going through the event especially for the kids because this situation is verycrucial to their development and emotional status. This online application willbe at rescue to any of the divorced parents who are worried for their children.Keeping this crucial situation in mind this portal has been created to protectthe children from various problems he faces when his/her parents decides toseparate. This is a great concept by which a separated children :•Feel safe, secure and loved and listened by both parents•Receive accurate advice and proper guidance.•Get fulfilled all needs, i.e. welfare, social, emotional and developmentaladdressed in relation to each other and not in isolation© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  4. 4. ScopeKidsplit ScopeThis project scope is to provide user with a platform that help the separatedparents to look after the child together online without being together they canraise up the children and help him in every possible way. in this onlineapplication they can have discussions on any topic, they can chat for anyproblem they required to talk for the child. they can schedule that when theExchanges should happen, they can add events for the child online and can getalerts through emails to notify each other as communication between the twowill help the child to grow best in every possible way. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  5. 5. Features Kidsplit Main Features •Calendars: With the calendar, you can control when and where exchanges happen, see the times, edit the times, add other events to it, and even integrate with your Gmail calendar if you wish. The Kidsplit calendar is a multifunctional application in itself and there really is too much to describe in a couple of paragraphs about it. •Live Chat: The divorced or separated parents can chat for any topic related to their child without facing each other, for that this live chat feature has been added to the site© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  6. 6. Features:•Discussions:To avoid issues where parents have to confront each other verbally for everydiscussion, Kidsplit uses a state-of-the-art discussion application for both youand the other parent to handle just about any issue you can think of. It is easilysearchable so you can find topics that you discussed in the past. Imagine howmuch simpler life could be if you could quickly find each discussion you have hadabout raising your children with the other parent.•Private Messaging:Separated parents can share messages to each other without being viewed byany other user, for that private messaging system has been included in thewebsite.NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  7. 7. Features•Guidelines•When parents are not divorced, and they live together under the same roof,parental guidelines take shape as child behaviors require them to change. Forexample, a child begins to display bullying behavior, so the parents decide totake measures to discourage it. But when parents live apart, this becomes morechallenging. One parent might see the issue, but the other does not. Parentswho do not live together might diverge in their parenting techniques which canreally confuse the children involved.•Sharing of Docs and Photos:The parents can share documents and photos of their childrens, if one of theparent wants any doc or photo of children they can share it here.NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  8. 8. Technology Stack Type Name Operating System Linux Web Server Apache Database MySQL Server Side Scripting PHP CMS/Framework CodeIgniter Client Side Scripting HTML, CSS, jQuery© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  9. 9. Thank YouNetSet Software Pvt. LtdEmpowering Innovation With Excellence!!www.netsetsoftware.comPhone: +91-172-6541211Email: © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd