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Operating System: Linux
Web Server: Apache
Database: MySQL
Server Side Scripting: PHP
CMS/Framework: CakePHP
Client Side Scripting: HTML, CSS, jQuery

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  1. 1. Dealchaser… Go the Deal you want© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  2. 2. IntroductionAbout dealchaserLive URL: http://www. /Demo URL project is mainly designed for aggregating deals from various websites ofSouth Africa on a single website. This website contains all the deals in southAfrica under different categories and cities We can easily get any deals of southAfrica at any time we want from this website. We can just register ourselvesinto the website, and can get details of any deals. User can also share the sameon the social networking website as well. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  3. 3. IntroductionAudienceThe people who are wants to get information about various deals. Here theuser simply register himself by filling the registration form and login by enteringhis e-mail id or password. Here the user can watch any type of Deatails of anyCategory he wants. User can then use features of this website. He can rank andvote any show he likes. He can subscribe for any category and can can get e-mail alerts for his favorite Deals. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  4. 4. ScopeDealchaser ScopeThis project scope is to provide user with a platform that contains full Deals ofall deal websites of South africaThis project contains Deals related to allcategories provided. This website contains Deals of South Africa only. Here usercan subscribe for any category of deal and User can get all mails related todeals of that very category. © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  5. 5. FeaturesFetching Deals with RSS->XML feed: The deals are fetched from the various websites given by the client. There are almost 21 websites that has to fetched completely, From that deals all the deals will be fetched and the database is developed using a script that will run again and again on the server time to time so that the database will be remain updated. Few of The websites from which Deals are Fetched: LINKS LINKS© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  6. 6. Features Affiliate Programs: The Deal Chaser Contains affiliate program so the existing users of the website are able to get some credits when the refer their friends on various social networking sites and the referred friends join the Dealchaser. when some user joined his website from the referral link the referred friend will get 5 credits in his account that can be used to buy some other deals on the website or can be taken as money from the Dealchaser. Categorizing of Deals: There are many categories of deals listed on the Dealchaser, User can find any Deal of his interest on the website.NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  7. 7. Features Email Templates: Dealchaser Contains Email Template Management, Once the User registered Himself Over The Website,he will get all the Information for that type deals which he choosed at the time of Registration. Payment Method Integration: Deal Chaser uses The PayPal Payment Method Integration for making payments online.  SSL Certification: SSL certification has been Installed for the Security purposes, so that details of the user will be secure during registration and also at the time of payment© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  8. 8. Technology Stack Type Name Operating System Linux Web Server Apache Database MySQL Server Side Scripting PHP CMS/Framework CakePHP Client Side Scripting HTML, CSS, jQuery© NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd
  9. 9. Thank YouNetSet Software Pvt. LtdEmpowering Innovation With Excellence!!www.netsetsoftware.comPhone: +91-172-6541211Email: © NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd