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WordPress meetup in Vientiane Laos 16 Jan. 2016

This is the slides I used at the meetup held at Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos, 16th, Jan. 2016.

WordPress meetup in Vientiane Laos 16 Jan. 2016

  1. 1. a start guide for How WordPress changes your life. WordPress Meet-up on 2016/01/27 in Vientiane, Thailand by Shinichi Nishikawa
  2. 2. about Me ❖ Shinichi Nishikawa ❖ I have lived in Bangkok for 2 years ❖ I am building themes and plugins for clients ❖ I write blogs with WP, I write books of WP, I ran WP events in Thailand and in Japan
  3. 3. My challenges today ❖ Very slow English with really easy words ❖ Presentation will be uploaded later ❖ A follow up blog post will be published afterward
  4. 4. Your challenges today ❖ Don’t hesitate to ask questions, any time! ❖ You’ll get WordPress sunglasses :D
  5. 5. Menu ❖ How WordPress changed my life and people’s lives. ❖ Asian people/company running business in the World has sent you messages. ❖ What is WordPress? ❖ How to learn and contribute.
  6. 6. After this session, you will… ❖ want to write your own blog. ❖ want to create your own themes and plugins. ❖ want to run WordPress meetups. ❖ be able to imagine your future with WordPress.
  7. 7. Enquete ❖ Have you ever installed a WordPress? ❖ Who has WordPress blogs or sites? ❖ Who can make WP Themes? ❖ Who can make WP plugins? ❖ Who knows php? ❖ What programming languages do you know?
  8. 8. Enquete (answers) ❖ Have you ever installed a WordPress? 20% ❖ Who has WordPress blogs or sites? 10% ❖ Who can make WP Themes? 0 ❖ Who can make WP plugins? 0 ❖ Who knows php? 10% ❖ What programming languages do you know?
 html, css, javascript, VB .net, Java
  9. 9. Other conversations ❖ From the conversation with the students, what they really want to learn is, ❖ how to install a WordPress and set up their websites ❖ What some of them want to learn are, ❖ how to create an original themes ❖ how to create plugins
  10. 10. WordPress as a people’s lives changer.
  11. 11. People love WordPress And I love WordPress. Let’s see what people talk about it.
  12. 12. People have their stories with WordPress
  13. 13. Shin in Japan and Thailand
  14. 14. starts in 2008 ❖ I lost my job in 2008 and studied html/css, photoshop/ illustrator and WordPress at a cafe, everyday for 1 month. ❖ After 1 month, as the first project of mine, I built an e- commerce website. I sold things to the world you can’t buy outside of Japan.
  15. 15. My first personal project. - List products of other e-commerce shops in Japan. - Once sold, I bought and shipped. - Not sustainable at all and fell down in 2 months. - But a lot of learning. - how to create themes - how to use plugins
  16. 16. My first client work. • The budget was 14000000 KIP • It was my mother’s friend’s company website. • I payed the half of it to a friend of mine who was a developer and asked: “I’ll do everything and you don’t do anything. Please teach me when I need help.” • I did the same things until I feel confident.
  17. 17. My second project. - Private parents blog - Contents shared only with user’s family - Learned how to php
  18. 18. Meetups ❖ You can learn, ❖ share, ❖ make friends, ❖ drink, ❖ get feeling of learning together. While learning how to create themes I was joining
  19. 19. I learned a lot … ❖ at the Support forum ❖ from People’s blogs ❖ by writing everything on my blog ❖ by asking questions on twitter ❖ at the meetups ❖ through all my client / personal projects I’m calling all of them “WordPress community”.
  20. 20. And now
  21. 21. I’m doing the same thing in Bangkok, Thailand. WordPress meetup in Bangkok I definitely recommend you to do the same!
  22. 22. Sakin from Nepal
  23. 23. From Nepal Sakin Shrestha From Nepal @ WordCamp US 2015
  24. 24. Sakin Shrestha ❖ The founder of 4 companies ❖ Catch Themes: Simple and Elegant theme shop ❖ Theme Palace: theme marketplace to help Nepalese theme developers ❖ Catch Internet: custom WordPress site development company ❖ DevotePress: Tutorials and resources of WordPress ❖ Co-owner of ❖ Themes and Plugin Reviews
  25. 25. Catch Themes
  26. 26. Theme Palace
  27. 27. Catch Internet
  28. 28. 1 of top-5 downloaded theme “I got my first taste of meaningful success because of WordPress, when the first free theme I uploaded became one of the top-5 most downloaded themes on the” “Since then, WordPress has become a major part of my life. “ Read more at HeroPress
  29. 29. Sakin grabbed the chance ❖ He uploaded a theme and it was downloaded a lot. ❖ He grabbed the fact and built theme business. ❖ Now he has his employees. ❖ He contributes back to the WordPress project.
  30. 30. Message from Sakin “Today, 25% of the world’s websites are in WordPress, and anyone can contribute to the ecosystem, from anywhere in the world.” “You don’t have to be a hard-core programmer to be successful. You don’t need an academic degree. The barrier to entry is very low.” “All you need is lots of passion, and the willingness to learn.”
  31. 31. Menn from Thailand
  32. 32. From Nepal Chakkrisn Menn Talawat From Thailand @ WordPress meetup in bkk
  33. 33. Chakkrisn Menn Talawat ❖ Had developed his own CMS since 2004 ❖ Tried a lot of CMSs such as Drupal, TextPattern, Mambo, Typo3, etc. ❖ Through his experience, he found out that “Everything is about content”. ❖ WordPress is the easiest for his clients who want to create their contents. ❖ He concentrated in WordPress and started his business.
  34. 34. Chakkrisn Menn Talawat ❖ Now he is the owner and co-owner of ❖ ❖ ❖
  35. 35. Menn Studio
  36. 36. New project Seed Themes ❖ Funded 2.5 million baht from an angel and he got the time to concentrate on this. ❖ It’s a Theme publishing platform. ❖ Everything will be _s based so that the team can maintain & support.
  37. 37. Message from Menn “ I've written a lot of tips both technical and business how-to. You can read Thai, I recommend read them for the first resource.”
  38. 38. Perth from Thailand
  39. 39. From Nepal Woratana Perth Ngarmtrakulchol From Thailand @ WordPress meetup in bkk
  40. 40. Woratana Perth Ngarmtrakulchol ❖ He is a designer and a theme developer in Thailand. ❖ I work with him a lot in my client works. ❖ Began blogging with WordPress from 2009, which brought him a lot of reputation, friends, colleagues and jobs. ❖ Now runs a web school too.
  41. 41. his blog
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Message from Perth “WordPress is quite a versatile platform for website development. Please try it.”
  44. 44. Hiromichi from Japan
  45. 45. From Nepal Hiromichi Koga From Japan
  46. 46. Hiromichi Koga ❖ CEO of DigitalCube ❖ Started from consulting and moved to theme business. ❖ His focus was on automation of websites creation and recurring incomes. ❖ Found that hosting was the key for it. ❖ Now they are AWS advanced consulting partner and he connects it with WordPress. ❖ They now creates high traffic websites and hosts them on AWS.
  47. 47. digital cube
  48. 48. Message from Hiromichi “Learning AWS and WordPress is acquiring worldwide common skill. I’m waiting for you to make the world better with your great ideas.”
  49. 49. It’s your turn. WordPress has changed my life and other people’s lives. We share similar experience and now we are friends. I want you to join us.
  50. 50. So, what is WordPress?
  51. 51. 1. Blog tool ❖ The mission of WordPress is “Democritization of Publishing”. ❖ It empowers you to publish to the World. ❖ Publishing will empowers your skills, business, and life. ❖ Basically your business will be empowering others to publish to the World too.
  52. 52. 2. Content Management System ❖ You can build websites with it.
  53. 53. 3. Application platform ❖ You can build apps on top of WordPress. ❖ This will be the next trend of WordPress world. ❖ It means that WordPress can be a backend of web application. ❖ And it will not only stay in the browsers, but also spreads to desktop, smart phones, watches, IoT application platform.
  54. 54. 4. Free software ❖ It’s free as in free beer ❖ It’s free as in free speech
  55. 55. GNU GPL ❖ If you get a source code, you can do anything you need. ❖ If you give a source code, you must give the same freedom to the receiver. ❖ This is one reason WordPress has spread as it is.
  56. 56. 5. Community
  57. 57. Community ❖ You can and should learn, share, make friends through the community. ❖ It’s the place where all WordPress users, developers, writers, podcasters, designers come together. ❖ It’s in the internet, and in the real world.
  58. 58. Let’s do it! ❖ Face to face community exists in Thailand, Japan, America, African countries, and everywhere. ❖ Why not in Laos?
  59. 59. Make WordPress Org
  60. 60. 6. Market ❖ You can be a freelancer. ❖ You can build business or join business. ❖ In Laos, or in the world.
  61. 61. 7. Wapuu
  62. 62. WordPress is ❖ a blog tool to empower you to publish yourself and your friends/customers, ❖ a CMS to manage various contents, ❖ an application platform to serve services, ❖ a Free software, ❖ a big community, ❖ and a huge market. ❖ Also, it has Wapuu.
  63. 63. What do we need to learn?
  64. 64. What do you think you need to learn?
  65. 65. I have 3 suggestions.
  66. 66. Coding, Programing. How to develop stuff. What do we need? No. 1
  67. 67. How to develop ❖ html/css ❖ php ❖ Javascript ❖ servers, deployment ❖ design ❖ These will be the basis to build blogs, websites, apps and business.
  68. 68. Learn “how to learn”. What do we need? No. 2
  69. 69. Learn “how to learn” ❖ It’s you to decide what to learn. ❖ There are a lot of online resources. ❖ Codex, Forum, Blog posts, Tutorials, Videos, Podcasts, and etc, etc… ❖ We need to find them. ❖ We need to choose the right ones.
  70. 70. How to find/choose the right ones? ❖ Be in the community. ❖ Make blog ❖ Slack ❖ Community leaders ❖ Feel what people who build the WordPress says. You can see easily what, how and why they do something. ❖ This way, you will know what the right things to learn are.
  71. 71. At last, what I think the most important thing to learn.
  72. 72. English What do we need? No. 3
  73. 73. All the people I introduced today speak English.
  74. 74. My English and their English are not perfect.
  75. 75. But I can read documents, I can understand 80% of what they say.
  76. 76. If you can’t speak English, the resource, community, market, and the world will be limited inside your country.
  77. 77. What you get with English ❖ More resources to learn. ❖ 100000% bigger market. ❖ Much more community you can join. ❖ More friends. ❖ A lot more place to live in. ❖ Reputation inside your country.
  78. 78. Contribution you can do now.
  79. 79. Translate - ask the current editor.
  80. 80. Translate WordPress - Just join :D
  81. 81. Running meetups - Meetups are chances for you to learn, and for others to learn.
  82. 82. Ideas for the meetups’ topics ❖ Let’s install a WordPress ❖ Writing ❖ Let’s get people and help them ❖ Building themes ❖ Learn the basic of plugins ❖ Reading resources together
  83. 83. A lot more. - please go and explore.
  84. 84. Resources
  85. 85. Official sites and documents
  86. 86. Official sites and documents ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ Slack (you can see the actual process how the community is working)
  87. 87. Blogs, medias, podcasts and communities
  88. 88. WP Tavern News in the community.
  89. 89. Post Status Draft Their English pronunciation are relatively easy to get the meaning, compared to other podcasts.
  90. 90. Facebook group “Advanced WordPress” You can see questions WordPress business, freelancers and plugin authors ask.
  91. 91. Me ❖ @shinichiN ❖ ShinichiN on
  92. 92. See you in the community!

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This is the slides I used at the meetup held at Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos, 16th, Jan. 2016.


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