Social media guidelines - Norwegian Seafood Council - 2012


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Social media guidelines - Norwegian Seafood Council - 2012

  1. 1. Social media guidelines Norwegian Seafood CouncilIntroductionIf you are a NSC employee, contractor or agencyworking to promote Norwegian Seafood – thisdocument is for you. The guide is meant to provide aframework for which we as a company, employeesand our marketing activities should operate withinwhen it comes to online marketing and dialogue.We aspire to continually improve our online marketingand social media initiatives. To do so we believe newinitiatives, training, learning by doing, sharing of bothpositive and negative experiences and a general highattention to this fast moving discipline within marketingis key. Want to know more about NSC?Fundamental to a concept of learning and improving by trial-and-error is confidence. We want toencourage the use of social media as a part of our marketing, and encourage all employees andpartners to engage in online dialogue, both as citizens and as ambassadors for our brand. Byproviding some basic guidelines we want to remove uncertainty which might be holding us back.This is the purpose of the guidelines.Why do we care so much about social media?Social media and online collaboration platforms are fundamentally changing the way we workand engage with each other, the seafood industry, partners and consumers of Norwegianseafood. Mastering the new tools and communication forms will provide us with possibilities tofurther develop our marketing activities, our cooperation with consumers, the seafood industry,suppliers, the media and other stakeholders.Dialogue
  2. 2. Online dialogue on social media platforms gives a wider group of people the opportunityto share expertise and experiences. We believe dialogue and sharing gives us some greatopportunities…to learn:We aspire to be in the forefront within our areas of operation - marketing, communication, PRand market analysis. We believe in the open exchange - between NSC and its stakeholders,partners, customers of Norwegian seafood and professional networks - for contribute:As a marketing company it is our role to be aware of and to contribute to, the public andprofessional debates on issues of importance to the future development and innovation withinthe Norwegian seafood build the brand:The changing media landscape represent opportunities for new and innovative ways of buildingthe brand of Norwegian seafood - which we are ready to inspire:As ambassadors for Norwegian seafood we want to inspire initiatives contributing to ourrelevant marketing and communication strategies.Simple guidelinesPrincipal guideline:NSC always respect employees right to express opinions and to engage in matters of personalinterest. We only ask you to remember where you work and to be especially mindful aboutmatters which affect your or your colleagues work at NSC. If in doubt, ask a colleague (or, ifyou are working for an agency, the NSC contact person) for a second opinion before posting!We try to remember: ● It’s ok to do mistakes. We encourage you to explore your creativity in online marketing. But, we are the first to admit mistakes, always try to correct them and we make sure everyone in NSC can learn from them. ● Where we work. Even if we see ourselves as private persons in social media, others might also consider us as employees, and ambassadors for our brand. Social media have become important for how others perceive us. Make sure you are consistent online with how you wish to represent yourself and our brand with colleagues and stakeholders. ● To answer. We engage in social media to be social, and always plan for being able to respond to questions, suggestions and inquiries on the social platforms where we are present. If we fail to interact with our community, we might as well not be present in the first place. ● To be open. We are never anonymous when discussing matters related to our work. Identify yourself by name and, when relevant, your role or position within NSC or contractor/agency.
  3. 3. ● The content you publish online will be publicly available for a very long time and might be accessible through search engines and archives even after being deleted. If in doubt, have a colleague to read through before publishing. ● A picture say more than a thousand words, and can easily be shared out of context and misinterpreted. ● To respect the work and ideas of others. We do not publish or re-publish anything on company/brand websites or online platforms, which we do not own ourselves. We always respect intellectual property rights and copyright. If in doubt, ask the owner of the item for a permission to link to the item. ● We always respect community rules and are acting on the terms of the community. No spamming competitions or duplicate accounts on Facebook please! ● We have signed confidentiality agreements regarding sensitive information entrusted to us through our work. We never discuss rumors or information entrusted to us through professional relations. Integrity is a deed. ● Competitors are nice people too, and we always respect them. We never try to exploit the misfortune of our competitors. ● To plan for the long term. We always try to make use of the potential in building a community over time. We prefer not to create pages or profiles only to delete or abandon them after a campaign. ● The communication in a crisis situation is managed by the communication department.The Norwegian Seafood CouncilCommunication departmentTromsø, 12. september 2012