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Lets get started with car hacking - Ankit Joshi


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This talk is about technology and protocols used in modern cars and attack surfaces in modern cars.

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Lets get started with car hacking - Ankit Joshi

  1. 1. Let’s Get Started With Car Hacking By Ankit Joshi
  2. 2. #WhoAmI Ankit Joshi aka BH4 Security Analyst with Net-square Pvt. Ltd. Red Teamer
  3. 3. ➢ Understanding Threat Models ➢ CAN Protocol ➢ Other Protocol ➢ ECU ➢ Play With Can Bus ➢ From Where You Can Start Content
  4. 4. Understanding Threat Models In 2017, 50%+ Model are vulnerable to 8 or more than 8 remote attack surface from different mackers.
  5. 5. List Of Car Component’s
  6. 6. General Vulnerability Found in Car Hard Coded or Non-existence of Bluetooth Pin. Can Packet Injection. Weak Wpa2 Passwords. Admin Consoles Open For Internet. Insecure Firmware Updates And Downloads.
  7. 7. CAN (Controlled Area Network) CAN is the central nervous system that enables communication between all/some parts of the car. CAN was originally developed by BOSCH in 1985 as an intra-vehicular communication system. The main motive of proposing CAN was that it allowed multiple ECU to be communicated with only a single wire. A modern car can have as much as 70 ECUs
  8. 8. Working Of CAN Frame A CAN frame has 3 major parts ● Arbitration Identifier ● Data Length Code ● Data field CAN runs on two wires: CAN high (CANH) and CAN low (CANL).
  9. 9. Can Bus Frame
  10. 10. CAN pins cable view on the OBD-II connector OBD (Onboard Diagnostics)
  11. 11. CAN Bus Waveforms
  12. 12. Other Protocol The CANopen Protocol. The GMLAN Bus. The ISO-TP Protocol. The SAE J1850 Protocol. The PWM Protocol. The VPW Protocol.
  13. 13. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) IC Embedded Circuits Reads Data From Sensors ❖ Temperature ❖ Tyre Pressure ❖ Engine Fluids ❖ Many more
  14. 14. Types Of ECU Main ECU ❖ ECM -> Engine Control Module. ❖ EBCM -> Electronic Brake Control Module. ❖ PCM -> Power Control Module. 32- Bit 40 Mhz Processor With Code Size of 1 mb Max .
  15. 15. From Where You Can Start 471a02b93a 783d7e0a2046 And Google