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Ted evaluation slideshow 2


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Ted evaluation slideshow 2

  1. 1. TED Evaluation SlideshowBy: Nathan “Shane” Cohran
  2. 2. Don Tapscott:Four Principles for the open WorldDon Tapscott is the chair ofMaxie Insight and has written 14books about aspects of the newworld. Don takes a look at ourdigital connectedhypercollaborative world. Doncan see the future coming andhe works to identify the newconcepts that we need tounderstand in a world that istransformed by the internet. Donis one of the world’s leadingauthorities on innovation,media, and the economy andsocial impact of technology.
  3. 3. Don’s Quote:“To me this is not an information age. It’s an age of networkedintelligence, it’s an age of vast promise.”
  4. 4. Thesis:Four principles for the open world, and howtechnology is taking over the industrial world.
  5. 5. Don captured the attention of the audience by addinghumor to a personal story he was telling. He alsocaptured it by relating his speech to a topic that thevast majority of today’s population is captivated by:Technology through computers, internet and socialmedia.
  6. 6. Don maintained the attention of the audiencethroughout his speech by his motivationalspeaking on the openess of the world throughnew technology of industrial social media. Donalso used videos showing how technology wascaptivating the internet and the young peopleof today’s society, along with a little humor.
  7. 7. Don followed themajority of thecommandments inhis speech andpresentation. But, Ithink he mostaccurately followedII, VI, & VIII.
  8. 8. The reason that I chose thesecommandments is because he wasn’tafraid to share his insight into how theworld is transferred by the internet. Hehas a great dream of how technology willrevolutionize this new world, he see’sinto the future. He never flauntedanything about himself or his company,and he never tried to sell anything fromthe stage.
  9. 9. On the dynamism scale I giveDon Tapscott a:4/5
  10. 10. He could have related more to the audiencethrough humor and personal stories. Humorwould have kept the audience more alertinterested.
  11. 11. Some of the tips that were used fromGarr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte wasthe use of visuals to capture theaudiences attention, and the art ofstorytelling.
  12. 12. What I learned:What I have learned aboutdelivery from watching Don is thatyou have to capture and keep theaudiences attention. You have toprepare your presentation to beappealing and interesting to theaudience.
  13. 13. Remember to relate to youraudience. You can do this byusing humor and telling stories ofpersonal experiences. Get theminvolved in your presentation asmuch as possible.
  14. 14. Compare
  15. 15. Don Tapscott and Sir Ken Robinson differ greatly ontheir speaking style. Don uses more factualinformation than Ken does. He also dosen’t have thesame technique to keep the audience engaged andentertained.
  16. 16. Sir Ken Robinson has a special way ofconnecting to his audience. He keeps theirattention through humor. He uses real lifeexperiences through stories to keep themlaughing, this puts the audience on a closerpersonal level with him.
  17. 17. Tips for Delivery of FuturePresentations Involvement – Get the audience involved in your presentation. Relate – Always relate to your audience through storytellingand personal experiences. Knowledge – Show a clear and thorough knowledge of thetopic. Humor – Use humor to keep the audience interested and alert. Visual – Use interesting and colorful visuals on your topic.
  18. 18. Thank you for allowing me theopportunity to entertain you with myslideshow. I hope you enjoyed it andI look forward to viewing yourslideshow and offering my feedback.Please feel free to leave yourfeedback of mine.Nathan “Shane” Cohran
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