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NSB/Keane - Brand Booklet


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Our 2013 Brand Booklet

Published in: Business, Technology
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NSB/Keane - Brand Booklet

  3. 3. WE ARE BRAND BUILDERSfrom strategy to creative development. We are strategic creative thinkers that believe brands are a powerful arm when built from a business perspective. At NSB/Keane branding is the cornerstone of any marketing, advertising or communications strategy. Disruptive creativity is not an option when it comes to differentiate brands from the herd and create sustainable long-lasting value. We are a full-service advertising agency rooted from a solid branding perspective. We work hard every day to help small & medium size businesses grow their business through the power of brand differentiation. We deliver a, cost-effective, perfect mix between strategic thinking, world-class creative development, interactive capabilities and a passionate service that delivers what it promises – no matter what.
  4. 4. WE DO IT RIGHT. At the heart of any revolution, technology advancement, work of art, social tool, or company, there is an idea. That one idea changes the world; It is our starting point, it is what we strive for, it is what drives us to the creative end. From that idea, we deliver creative solutions in a wide range of services, from strategy to execution, graphic design to digital media, branding to advertising. » Communications strategy and messaging definition We don’t just develop creative concepts, we develop business concepts. Not just campaigns with a limited shelf life, but strategy-based plans to last for years. » ATL / BTL / offline / online creative – media neutral approach Advertising and brand communications are changing. We can no longer rely on a broadcast campaign or social media strategy alone to launch a new brand. In a world becoming more connected every minute, we must create equally connected creative concepts that go beyond one layer of media to capture the heart and loyalty of the consumer. » Brand platforms, brand development, and corporate expression With so many consumer choices around us the power of a compelling and meaningful brand becomes the difference between those who prosper and those who struggle. » Digital media, print, and broadcast production We integrate interactive execution with traditional creative by creating and delivering multimedia solutions which target authentic consumer emotions; worries, wants, loves, passions, ambitions and more. » Interactive development and social media strategy Online brands exercise true freedom. We help brands understand what that freedom means to them and how to use it strategically. The widespread adoption of social media changes not only the way consumers collect, process, and share information, but the way brands are engaged with and evaluated. » Creative media planning Every penny counts. Every message must be delivered on time. Every plan must be cost-effective, insightfully executed and meticulously measured. Our brand and marketing strategist develop and execute custom media strategies to ensure maximum impact. NSB/Keane Capabilities
  5. 5. Convergence Unites Us BUE MEX PHX Our team was born into a world defined by integration and interaction. We understand the new reality and the opportunity it holds for brands - not because we learned it, but because we live it every day.
  6. 6. It’s time to SpringIt! A fully integrated concept developed for SpringCM, a cloud content services designed for business. The campaign included Print Ads, Booth Graphics, BTL Activations and Guerrilla Actions, Video Production, Digital Media Planning & Buying, Social Media and Interactive Communications. CONTENT MATTERS
  7. 7. Success takes flightcStor – formerly Custom Storage USA – is a data center solution integrator that found itself in a position to establish a strong presence in an otherwise noiseless market. NSBK was hired for a complete rebranding of the company, creating a very disruptive brand for its industry with an owl as the key visual differentiation. We look beyond IT
  8. 8. A legendary brand In 2011 the Harlem Globetrotters approached NSBK to help rethink their web and brand strategy. While an iconic brand, they found themselves losing relevance to the new digital generation. NSBK looked at how to maintain the brand integrity, yet still shift it in a direction to connect with today’s youth. This was combined with a complete website redevelopment and content strategy.
  9. 9. Stop waiting for things to happen, GO OUT AND MAKE THEM HAPPEN.
  10. 10. Working with Samsung in Latin America, we created and produced a short spot for digital distribution as well as a print campaign for the launch of their new line of top-grade audio devices. SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTIVE Smart Long Zoom WB150F Smart Dual View DV300F Samsung NX210 Samsung NX1000
  11. 11. TicketForce’s Strategy to GrowTicketForce, one of the leading B2B ticketing solutions in the US tapped NSBK for an aggressive rebranding and marketing initiative to launch in 2013 & mark their 10-year anniversary.
  12. 12. We love pets too!Dr. Emmos is the first pet aid kit in the Southwest! During the last year, we developed many print ads and collateral materials to promote the brand and increase brand awareness. TM
  13. 13. “Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”Ralph Waldo Emerson
  14. 14. CHANGING THE WAY YOU AGE. ActiveRx, the leading franchise center for active aging in the country, hired NSBK to revamp its image for its national franchise rollout. NSBK supported dozens of deliverables revamped and produced in 2013 and are now focusing on direct consumer advertising initiatives.
  15. 15. Since 2008, we’ve developed Coca-Cola SLBU Internal Communications: from culture development to integrated internal marketing actions, NSBK delivers a broad experience in for one of the top 5 brands in the world. Comprehensive internal communications for the Coca-Cola South Latin Business Unit
  16. 16. Lumension develops, integrates and markets security software solutions that help businesses protect their vital information and manage critical risk across network and endpoint assets. We worked closely with them to help rollout customer education initiatives on the importance of secure social activity. Digital communications CAUTION
  17. 17. Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage. “It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life.”
  18. 18. Clean, Alive & GoodTruce’s claim is: “keep clean, feel alive and make good”. As a company they had a great product, but a less than desirable consumer promise. We helped rebrand and refocus their brand into what they are today.
  19. 19. Why should call centers look awful, boring and grey? We challenged those assumptions creating a completely new look & feel for our client: we started with a new name for their company and developed a whole new brand identity that differentiates from its competitors in the call center industry, making HEY more appealing, not just for clients but for internal staff as well. NSB/Keane launches new image for Hey.
  20. 20. Branding + Digital Power Southwest Solar is focused on addressing the problems of utility grade solar technologies including the lack of storage and low efficiency. We worked closely to develop their brand and online experience to share this mission with the world. SOUTHWES T SOLAR TECHNOLO GIES INC.IDENTITY GUIDELINES SWSOLARTECH.COM/B RANDCENTER WHAT’S ON THE HORIZON. Brand Guidelines
  21. 21. “your ATTITUDE not your APTITUDE will determine your ALTITUDE”ZIG ZIGLAR
  22. 22. TV VIDEO ADS Bodega del fin del mundo DOS ANCLAS DONMARIO DOS ANCLAS “Viaje” “Ganá protagonismo” “Tecnológico” “El Club de las especias”
  23. 23. HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE.SCOTTSDALE. AZ, USA - BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - MEXICO D.F., MEXICO / USA 7127 East 6th Ave Scottsdale AZ 85251 ARG Cramer 4825 C1429AKO Buenos Aires, Argentina USA + 1 480 582 1416 ARG +5411 4701 7885 MEX +5255 1168 9970
  24. 24. “Othershave seenwhatis andaskedwhy. Ihaveseen whatcouldbe andasked whynot.”PABLO PICASSO As the impassionated leader of NSB/Keane Argentina, Sabrina has more than 15 years of experience in the communications industry, serving at director-level positions with several Argentine agencies before joining NSB/Keane as co-founder and managing director for its Buenos Aires operations. She has developed media, business, and production strategies for clients of all sizes, like Bodega Del Fin del Mundo, Coca-Cola, Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson, DONMARIO and many more. She studied Advertising in the Fundación de Altos Estudios Empresariales of Buenos Aires and has completed a postgraduate Executive Education Program in Business Management at the IAE /Austral University. As managing director of NSB/Keane USA, Russ is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the international firm. Russ holdsadegreeinIndustrialDesignfromArizonaStateUniversityand knows the resourcefulness it takes to push boundaries and exceed expectations. His background gives him valuable insight into how people interface with the world, both functionally and aesthetically. Russ has led design projects and fully-integrated campaigns for global leaders such as IKEA, Apple, Starwood Hotels, LG Hausys America, SpringCM, the Harlem Globetrotters, and Morgan Stanley. Economist, creative strategist, marketer and sociology enthusiast, Fede is the co-founder of NSB/Keane and principal creative director. HisworkwithglobalbrandslikeCoca-Cola,Monsanto,andJohnson& Johnson, as well as his Latin American experience with DONMARIO, Ledesma, and Bodega Del Fin del Mundo, has reached new markets across borders and seas. He is the editor of, as well as a guest speaker and writer for several marketing organizations. He is also a musician and has edited 4 reggae music albums. He lives in Buenos Aires, traveling between Mexico and the United States as part of his responsibilities with NSB/Keane. FEDERICOSOTOROLAND CreativeStrategyDirector SABRINAORTEGAMARENGO LATAMManagingDirector RUSSPERRY U.S.ManagingDirector
  25. 25.