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Delivery support from the technical apprenticeship service


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Delivery support from the technical apprenticeship service

  1. 1. Higher Apprenticeship for Life Sciences & Chemical Science ProfessionalsDelivery support from the TechnicalApprenticeship Service
  2. 2. Key Features of the Higher Apprenticeshipfor Life Sciences & Chemical ScienceProfessionals
  3. 3. Higher Apprenticeship for Life Sciences & Chemical Science Professionals Chemical Science Life Sciences Healthcare Sc. Process Dev. Packaging Dev. Food Science Any p/t BSc Chemical Any p/t BSc Life Sciences Any p/t BSc Healthcare Any p/t BEng Chemical Any p/t BEng Mechanical Any p/t BSc Food Science or Bioscience Science Engineering Engineering Science or Chemistry FdSc Chemical Science FdSc Applied Bioscience FdSci Healthcare Science FD Plant & Process FD Mechanical FD Food Science & (MMU) or (Hull) Technology (Kent) (UWE) Engineering (Hull) Engineering (Hull) Technology (Nottingham Trent) or or or HND Diploma Chemical HND Diploma Biological HND Diploma Biological Science Sciences for Industry Sciences for Industry for Industry HNC Diploma Chemical HNC Diploma Biological HNC Diploma Biological HNC Diploma in Science for Industry Sciences for Industry Sciences for Industry Operations Engineering plusor FD Science Subject plus or FD Science Subject plus or FD Science Subject plus LATA Level 4 LATA Level 4 LATA Level 4 Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Process IndustriesOr HNC Applied Chemistry or HNC Applied Biology or HNC Applied Biology Operations plus LATA Level 4 plus LATA Level 4 plus LATA Level 4All pathways include professional competences gained through Personal Learning & Thinking Skills, Employee Rights & Responsibilities and Functional Skills.Entry at level 4 or 5 minimum requirements: A Levels or a BTEC in STEM subjects or an Advanced Apprenticeship, for example: Laboratory and Science Technicians.
  4. 4. Delivering the Higher Apprenticeship for LifeSciences & Chemical Science ProfessionalsIt is different to most apprenticeships:•It’s about high-level skills for new or existing workforce, aged 19+.•Opportunity for HEI/FE partnerships.•HEFCE funded HE qualifications.•Tuition fees can be funded through a Student Loan.•Sits outside SFA funding requirements.•Supported by NAS vacancy matching service, national award schemes, nationalpromotion of higher apprenticeships.•It’s a COMMERCIAL OFFER.
  5. 5. Supporting the Foundation DegreeRoute• HEI do not provide apprenticeships• HEI deliver the foundation degree onlyHow are the Higher Apprenticeship framework elements delivered?• The TAS HA delivery support service• HA Induction for HEI/employer/apprentice• ERR• PLTS embedded in Foundation Degrees• Functional skills• ACE registration• ACE certification submission
  6. 6. TAS HA Delivery Support Service for HEI Recruitment & Enrolment TAS confirm employer commitment to employ TAS confirm availability of course place with HEI the higher apprentice TAS check capability of employer to provide full range of work based learning and assessment Apprentice recruitment (internal or external candidate) HEI confirms apprentice meets course entry requirements TAS confirm apprentice details Apprentice enrols with HEI TAS confirm workplace mentor and inform HEI TAS confirm Apprenticeship Agreement is in place TAS register candidate on ACE system and pay the registration fee
  7. 7. TAS HA Delivery Support Service for HEI Programme Delivery TAS arrange for candidate to complete the ERR checklist - cross referenced to their company induction for existing employees with sign off by their workplace mentor. The checklist is completed during first year of programme. TAS check candidate’s literacy, numeracy and IT If functional skills test is required , TAS arrange with a qualifications against the SASE requirements to suitable provider and agree the fee. TAS confirm identify if they need to do the functional skills test. arrangements in writing and issue contract to selected provider. The functional skills test certificate must be achieved within 3 years. Apprentice completes and achieves qualifications
  8. 8. TAS HA Delivery Support Service for HEI Apprentice Certification TAS prepare suite of Cogent Apprenticeship Certification HEI issues qualification certificate templates for the candidate to complete at the end of their apprenticeship. TAS support candidate to prepare the portfolio of HEI completes GLH declaration statement evidence required for final certification. •Qualification certificates •Functional skills certificates •ERR completion form •GLH declaration •Apprentice declaration of permission for TAS to apply for certification on their behalf. TAS apply for ACE Certification and pay certification fee. Candidate completes apprenticeship
  9. 9. What are the Higher Apprenticeship costs?• Professional Science Technicians Pilot is running during 2012/13.• Employers participating in the 2012/13 pilot will be eligible for free TAS HA. Delivery Support Service for HEI.• Employers will have to pay a fee to TAS for this service in subsequent years.• Cost of Higher Apprenticeship post pilot will comprise: • Tuition fees (apprentice may be eligible for student loan) • TAS HEI support fee • Apprentice salary.
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