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Councils and plan reqs


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Councils and plan reqs

  1. 1.   23rd  Cairo  International  Model   United  Nations     Listed  below  are  the  councils  that  will  be  simulated  for  CIMUN  2011.   Posts  available  are  highlighted  after  each  council  description.     Councils  of  CIMUN  2011   Security  Council  (SC)   Under  the  UN  Charter,  the  Security  Council  has  the  responsibility  of   maintaining  international  peace.  It  is  the  most  powerful  body  of  the  United   Nations;  while  other  committees  can  only  make  recommendations  for  action,   the  Security  Council  makes  decisions  that  its  member  bodies  must   implement.  The  Security  Council  meets  throughout  the  year  to  address  the   most  serious  security  issues  facing  the  UN  and  the  world.   Posts  Available:  President,  Director,  Rapporteur  and  Crisis  Coordinator   Human  Rights  Council  (HRC)   The  Human  Rights  Council  is  an  inter-­‐governmental  body  within  the  UN   system  made  up  of  47  States  responsible  for  strengthening  the  promotion   and  protection  of  human  rights  around  the  globe.    The  Council  was  created   by  the  UN  General  Assembly  on  15  March  2006  with  the  main  purpose  of   addressing  situations  of  human  rights  violations  and  make  recommendations   on  them.     Posts  Available:  President,  Director  and  Rapporteur   International  Court  of  Justice  (ICJ)   The  International  Court  of  Justice  is  the  principal  judicial  organ  of  the  United   Nations.  It  was  established  in  June  1945  by  the  Charter  of  the  United  Nations   and  began  work  in  April  1946.  The  Court’s  role  is  to  settle,  in  accordance  with   international  law,  legal  disputes  submitted  to  it  by  States  and  to  give  advisory   opinions  on  legal  questions  referred  to  it  by  authorized  United  Nations   organs  and  specialized  agencies.   Posts  Available:  President,  Director,  Rapporteur  and  Advocates’  Coach   CIMUN  2011   1    
  2. 2. The  Economic  and  Social  Council  (ECOSOC)   ECOSOC  was  established  under  the  United  Nations  Charter  as  the  principal   organ  to  coordinate  economic,  social,  and  related  work  of  the  14  UN   specialized  agencies,  functional  commissions  and  five  regional  commissions.     The  Economic  and  Social  Council  (ECOSOC)  serves  as  the  central  forum  for   discussing  international  economic  and  social  issues,  and  for  formulating   policy  recommendations  addressed  to  Member  States  and  the  United   Nations  system   Posts  Available:  President,  Director  and  Rapporteur   General  Assembly  Plenary  (GA  Plen)   The  General  Assembly  (GA)  is  the  main  decision-­‐making  body  of  the  United   Nations.  It  includes  all  192  member  states;  each  member  state  has  one  vote.   It  is  empowered  through  Article  11  of  the  UN  Charter  to  “consider  the   general  principles  of  cooperation  in  the  maintenance  of  international  peace   and  security.”    The  GA  addresses  issues  involving  all  aspects  of  the  UN’s  work,   including  humanitarian,  peace  and  security,  and  human  rights  matters.  It   refers  threats  to  peace  to  the  Security  Council  for  discussion.  The  GA’s   decisions  have  a  lot  of  clout  as  they  are  supported  by  a  majority  of  countries   in  the  world;  they  are  important  international  documents.   Posts  Available:  President,  Director  and  Rapporteur   International  Atomic  Energy  Agency  (IAEA)   The  IAEA  is  the  world’s  center  of  cooperation  in  the  nuclear  field.  It  was  set   up  as  the  world’s  "Atoms  for  Peace"  organization  in  1957  within  the  United   Nations  family.  The  Agency  works  with  its  Member  States  and  multiple   partners  worldwide  to  promote  safe,  secure  and  peaceful  nuclear   technologies.   Posts  Available:  President,  Director  and  Rapporteur   European  Union  (EU)   The  European  Union  (EU)  is  an  economic  and  political  union  of  27  member   states,  located  primarily  in  Europe.  Committed  to  regional  integration,  the  EU   was  established  by  the  Treaty  of  Maastricht  on  1  November  1993  upon  the   foundations  of  the  European  Communities.  With  over  500  million  citizens,   the  European  Union  is  an  alliance  that  encompasses  a  considerable  part  of   the  Western  Hemisphere.  The  EU  has  developed  a  single  market  through  a   standardized  system  of  laws  that  apply  in  all  member  states,  ensuring  the   free  movement  of  people,  goods  and  capital.     Posts  Available:  President,  Director  and  Rapporteur   CIMUN  2011   2    
  3. 3.   Plan  Requirements   Secretariat  Plans  should  cover  the  following  points:   • Why  are  you  applying  a  secretariat  for  CIMUN  2011?  (150  words)   • What   have   you   learned   from   your   past   experiences   in   CIMUN?   (150  words)   • What  is  the  vision  you  have  for  your  council?  Is  there  anything  you   would  like  to  change?  (150  words)   • Finally,   please   outline   2   proposed   topics   for   the   council   of   first   choice   and   1   for   the   council   of   second   preference.   Also   attach   a   paragraph   after   each   topic   discussing   how   you   see   this   topic   will   spark   delegates’   interest   and   how   do   you   foresee   the   debate   playing  out?   Other  Requirements:   • Previous  MUN/MAL  experience   • Other  activities   • Contact  Info   • Major,  Minor  and  GPA   • 3  Council  Preferences,  listed  in  order  of  priority   Your   plan   should   not   exceed   6   pages,   double-­spaced.   Plans  in  point  form  will  not  be  accepted.   Applications  are  due  by     TH SUNDAY  25  OF  APRIL   Please  send  a  soft  copy  to  and  a   hard  copy  to  be  submitted  in  the  MUN  office  by  the  end   of  assembly  hour  (2PM)   CIMUN  2011   3