NRS Media RadioDays Presentation Europe 2012


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Rod Power and Laura Lees along with our experienced team of professionals are pleased to share with you our global learning's, case studies, important trends and tactics to achieving your true revenue potential. Our Presentation "Your fastest route to new business is the customer you already have", was presented at RadioDays Europe, in Barcelona on Thursday 15th March 2012. For more information go to

With over 20 years' experience, NRS Media provides powerful and proven sales solutions and strategic plans that have been successfully implemented in 31 countries for over 400 media organisations worldwide.

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NRS Media RadioDays Presentation Europe 2012

  1. 1. Your fastest route to new business isthe customer you already have!Rod Power & Laura Lees, NRS Media
  2. 2. NRS Media Profiler® What if we could predict the likelihood of advertising in a given medium? Developed by global survey of local direct advertisers
  3. 3. NRS Media Profiler® Saves time in qualifying Short-cut to a CPA Advertising predictor and proposal generator Improves attendance and closing ratios
  4. 4. Want better understanding 62%Source Profiler™ research 40 Media 2011 60 countries surveyed10 20 30 NRS 50 –5 70 80 90 100
  5. 5. Perception that their sales person does not understand their advertising 68%Source Profiler™ research 40 Media 2011 60 countries surveyed10 20 30 NRS 50 –5 70 80 90 100
  6. 6. Perception of results is what matters Customer service is the biggest driverWhat is your servicing strategy?
  7. 7. What Customer Service is worthStep 1: What losing clients is costing youa) Your local direct advertising budget €2,000,000b) Your current local direct attrition rate as a % 30%c) Multiply (a) x (b) to give minimum new business target €600,000Step 2: How much you could saved) Divide attrition figure (b) in half 15%e) Multiply by your local direct budget (a) €300,000Step 3: How much you could add with better up-sellf) Multiply (c) by 15% €90,000Step 4: Total Revenue you can addd) Add (e) and (f) together €390,000
  8. 8. NRS Media’s Client Services Laura Lees, Client Services Director
  9. 9. FINDING #1: The skills required towin are completely different tothose needed to keep and grow.
  10. 10. FINDING #2: There is no structure tothe client service process.• Framing up service call• Documentation or guides
  11. 11. FINDING #3: Lack of sophisticatedquestioning techniques• How’s Business?• How is everything going?• Are you happy?
  12. 12. FINDING #4: No one understandsthe client’s expectationsChallenges:• Keeping them• Managing unrealistic expectations
  13. 13. FINDING #5: No emphasis is placedon Up-sell You can only manage what you measure
  14. 14. FACT #6: There’s a willingness tolearn
  15. 15. Recommendations• Training to up-skill• Client Service material• Dual Calling – on going support• Tracking/monitoring/evaluating systems• Up-Sell strategies
  16. 16. Client Service:It won’t fix itself
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. For more information• Give us your business card• Visit us today at our stand• Visit our website
  19. 19. Thank You